20 March 2011 Daniel Jacob

by on Saturday, March 19, 2011 at 2:57pm
"Realms of Dominion"

I had an encounter with a young the other day…….who was complaining about the fact that we moderate our Lists at Reconnections. I explained to her that people often confuse Lists online with Democratic Political Entities. Then I said……."I'm not so much concerned about censoring content, as I am about creating an atmosphere where EVERYONE can share, without the feeling that people are going to JUMP ON THEM, and debate their ideas or offer unwanted advice."

As we spoke, I could tell this young woman had her own ideas about the way things should go. And it occurred to me that what was happening between us was a "Crisis of Authority." She has HER , in which she is the absolutely authority……..and I have mine. When people argue, it's because they're unsure about whose they're in. Following that conversation…….I began applying this of REALMS OF DOMINION to everyday events that are going on in the world today.
When two people are in a state of confront…….in a Oneness Universe…….the attitude that tends to "rule" (the DOMINANT TONE, if you will) is always the attitude that is most surrendered to the needs and agenda of the ONESELF OF ALL THAT IS.
Some folks say "Might Makes Right." But few people really comprehend that, in a Multiverse, ALL VIEWPOINTS ARE RIGHT…….and each viewpoint has at least one universe which both honors and embodies every premise imaginable, and then some! The question that arises, when two souls stand in opposition is……"Which PREVAILING CONCEPT will we visit in this moment?"
Regardless of where "we" end up……….there will be versions of us, every bit as real as the bodies we see HERE and NOW……..which embody and act out THE SAME IDEA in every way imaginable. A whole SPREADSHEET of Possible/Probable Manifestation. And frankly, friends…….we're talking about a LOT of VIDEO TAPE here……..zillions of newsreels of living, breathing, MANIFESTATION.
For a Citizen of the Multiverse…….it really doesn't MATTER which universe we end up visiting. That's because we KNOW that all those alternative versions ALSO exist………which tends to balance out every picture, every possible scenerio. And if we tend to "lose" in THIS universe………we know that there will always be alternative versions of this same idea where we WIN, big time……..indeed………where EVERYONE WINS.
In their transmission on "The Magic Manifesting Mind"………the Reconnections teach us the steps of DIALING INTO whatever universe we wish to visit.

The last………and (arguably) the MOST IMPORTANT STEP for invoking a universe is LETTING GO COMPLETELY of the OUTCOME. First, we name it, then we claim it, then we frame it, and finally……. we LET IT GO. Those who cannot LET GO are usually overly-attached due to fear. Since the worldwide process we are in now is all about RELEASING FEAR, and LEARNING HOW TO MAINTAIN DOMINION IN OUR ………those who can RELEASE THEIR OUTCOMES most quickly will also be those whose "will" tends to dominate.
In situations where people are given dominion who are SELFISH, EGO-OBSCESSED, and CRUEL…….dominion is sometimes granted (for a season)…….because their misuse of power actually BUILDS CHARACTER in the lives of those around them. So they're put in power, and held there…….only as long as the ONESELF is benefitting from their "antics." When that time is completed, they are usually THROWN DOWN, and stripped of all influence.
It was once written: "Surely, even the WRATH OF MAN shall praise thee………the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain."
If such power is granted to a GOD……..in His Hyper-Masculine Universe…….imagine how much MORE POWER will be given to the ONESELF OF ALL THAT IS………who is ALL, in ALL, and for ALL.
So here we are, my friends. Those folks at , once again, ask us that famous queston: "Where in the world do you want to go today?" And beyond that………"What do you wish to do when you get there?"
It's your world. The Universe of YOUR CREATION. You share your image with ME, as an "extra" in my very own drama. I return the favor by acting our your will, in the Universe of YOUR Creation.
Things don't happen TO us in life. We're not unwilling "victims" in a human drama which goes on and on. We're writers, directors, stagehands, actors, and AUDIENCE for our very own LIFE PRODUCTIONS. The more we LET GO, on all levels………..the more POWER we're given. So it is, so it has always been……..so shall it always be! Eternity has already started. Are we having fun yet?