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Reawakening The Awakened

Cosmic Oneness
February 27th, 2011

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Good Evening,

This is at your service for the Christ . It is my pleasure to be here with you once again with each you; thank you so much for being here and for opening up your . This week is more of the continuation of stability for everyone. We want to sustain the energy that everyone is receiving and we want to help sustain the Earth’s energy that each of you are bringing forth as the Light Presence is within you.

We also want everyone to wake up onto their own awareness. We ask those that have not been awake, to be fully awakened. Now we ask each of you that are awake to even wake up even further ~ deeper into your own destiny, even further to your . Allow the frequency that you are going to feel tonight to bring forth those elements within your life that will help you see what is around needs to be changed. Remember you are the creator of your destiny. You are behind the wheel of your vehicle. You are the One with your I AM Presence and your Higher Self to fully activate what it is that you desire. And it may not even be about desirability. It may be about the fact that you need to look around you and look at the people you are interacting with in which you think you are helping them, but there are issues that are occurring as they are bringing you down. Don’t be the caretaker. You may think you have contracts out there with these people. We are now in a stage that the contracts of helping people in your personal life to awaken are now going to be changed. If it hasn’t happened by now, you are not going to want to do it. The other element that we want to bring forth is that taking care of yourself is the most important aspect. Allow yourself to know that the people that have come into your life are also higher aspects are here to assist you to understand everything; not to assist you to awaken but to assist you looking at your circumstances differently. We are going to fully open up the shades, the windows, and we are going to allow each of you to see the pure light around you. As this light illuminates, it is going to illuminate both aspects of the lower and the higher energies which will be your path to fully accelerate yourself within that balance. This is what we are accomplishing this evening.

It is not just about stability; it’s about reawakening your awakening. I cannot say anything more clearly than that statement. Some of you are very unsure about what you are doing with other people and these may be other light workers. These individuals may be people you have known your entire life. They may even have been your family members. The way that you are going to illuminate their energies is to illuminate your own. Raise your consciousness individually. We are raising our consciousness this evening in our call, and this is a great way to do it. But individually, it is important to utilize the cosmic energies and bring those Rays of God fully within your being in your meditations, and in your time between your meditations. Take five minutes and just do some deep breathing and take the frequencies of the 22 Rays of God, the Platinum Net and the Golden Flame of the elements to fully raise the energies within you. What is going to assist you is the vibrational frequency. The vibrational frequency is going to change within you.

You cannot change what others are going to do; you cannot do it in any other way. All you can do is allow the elements that are occurring for you within your being to be at the frequency and the level that is acceptable within your full system so you can hold a lot of that Light Quotient. If you cannot hold as much, you will learn to hold more. You will find the ones that are on those lower levels, in your life, will be affected either adversely or positively. It is not your choice in how they react. It is your Beingness to connect in a different way than you have previously. It is now time for you to be in the illumination that you are and allow this illumination to be fully within you. Allow yourself to bring forth those energies in your life that will assist you and not deter you. Know that the people that are coming into your life, your there for a reason. And, if it is a positive feeling, go with it. If it is a struggle, know it needs to be removed. Sometimes we just do not know; sometimes there is so much love in our hearts for so many that we fully cannot understand what is occurring, and when this is happening, this frequency can stop us from our acceleration. It is very important in these moments to reawaken your own energy. Re-energizing yourself in order to vibrate the frequencies than you had done so previously. Please know that each of the transitions that each of you is going through of the challenges and possibly emotional imbalances all come up because elements that you are doing to assist. When you stand up for yourself in your inner power, you will be amazed. Beautiful elements will occur for you; not just within your own life but within the Spiritual Hierarchy. Because your goal is to continue on your journey within the Spiritual Hierarchy as each of you is on the path of Mastership. This is what you must realize. It is very important to allow these frequencies to be fully within you.

Let’s all now take a deep breath. We are going to use the Prana Wind Clearing Device as a quick element to pull out the Etheric level. It is an element brought in by the Inter-Galactics within your Solar . It is like a windmill and spins in a clockwise manner. Allow it to spin as it goes through your Etheric Level clearing the debris and elements that are stuck within that area. Breathe deeply as we do that.


You should now start to feel the clearing from the Prana Wind Clearing Device. We are now going to ask it be removed out of your Solar Plexus and we thank the Inter-Galactics for their assistance this evening. Let’s now breathe into the Thymus Chakra of the Sea-Foam Green. It is going to spin in a clockwise manner in the Thymus area between the Throat and the Heart. It is a cleansing ray which is overlighted by Lady . We are going to ask her to assist and bring forth the balance of the male and female as we bring forth this breathwork of the Sea-Foam Green. It circulates through all the areas of your chakra column going down into the Heart and up to the Throat, down into the Solar Plexus and up to the Third Eye, down into the Sacral, up to the Crown, then down into the Root and then up to the Soul Star and down into the Earth Star. Feel it spinning in the Earth Star as it moves it into the Etheric level outside of your physical body. Let it spin in a clockwise manner up to your Crown and then back down again. Moving into the emotional level clearing and moving all emotional instabilities. Then going from the Earth Star into the mental level all the way to your Soul Star and back down. So now let’s blend those four bodies of the Mental, Emotional, Etheric, and Physical into one unified body of Light. We are now going to ask the Spiritual Body to be activated. As the activation of the Spiritual body comes in, we ask for our Higher Selves. Feel your Higher Self standing in front of you, see her/him and embrace their energy and as they blend right within your body, feel the vibration in your Thymus and your Heart. There may be certain colors that you see as your Higher Self is activated in that area. If you are already activated with your Higher Self within your physical body, then just ask a re-initialization of the energies. Now we are ready to receive the activation.

It is my pleasure to be here with you as Lord Sananda.

Holy God of Hosts that We Are

We are the Holy God of Hosts of I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God.

Good Evening,

Good evening, good evening. This evening is a special occasion to fully allow your frequency to be re-energized with our frequency. It is our pleasure to be here in this . We are a little bit light-hearted this evening. Why? Because we want to integrate within each of you that connection of your Beingness that sometimes gets lost. As you are going through these transitions, through these activations, sometimes the emotional and mental body can get so jam packed with such downloads and information that we forget to fully smile, laugh, and embrace. This is what we want for each of you this evening to lighten up. To let the energies to be fully embraced within you and in a different level of activity. We are going to assist you with this activity this evening.

Let’s just take a deep breath. As we take this deep breath, you have already activated your Light Body, you are integrated with your Higher Self. Feel the sparkles of light coming down into your being like little white lights, crystalline lights and they are just filtering through your old self as this light body is receiving and embracing this frequency, you start to feel the transitions that are occurring for you in a deep and continual effort. As this is happening within your life you start to see the frequency that you are. The lights are going to illuminate what is happening for you. Take your inner eye and allow yourself to scan your own body. Allow yourself to feel those frequencies going through all those chakras. But not just in the chakras. Allow yourself to see the continual essence of the full body system. As the full body system is being activated, you start to see a change that is occurring within you. As it occurs, you start to feel the transition that is happening. You feel the essence of continuity within your Being. The essence of your spark as all these little sparkles of light are being mirrored b y what is inside of you. I want you to visualize a mirror in front of you and you are standing in front of the mirror. See all of these beautiful sparkles of light and see the activation that is occurring within you. Do you see any areas that need the sparkles of light more than others? Now we are going to bring in more of the sparkles so we ask for the Divine Consciousness of the Creative Source of Oneness to fully bring forth those cosmic energies of those sparkles of light to be integrated within your full system. Allow that full body system to be activated with the higher realms of the vibrations that you have not tapped into. Allow yourself to see how to raise your consciousness by just visualizing these sparkles of light. We, of the Cosmic energies of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God, now ask that each of your bodies be attuned to the level that is most appropriate to your existence right now. Feel that within your Solar Plexus because we want to feel your Will, Power and Strength. We want the Solar Plexus to blend with the Heart; we want to blend it within the Thymus. Feel those activations within you now. Take a deep breath.

Allow the overage of these three chakras that cannot handle these light frequencies to go to the rest of your body. It may go to your internal organs, in the physical, it may go into the bloodstream, into the cells, it may go anywhere you choose it to be. Allow yourself to be the maker of your destiny. Allow yourself to experience the highest consciousness that is available. And as you experience this highest consciousness you start to embellish. You embellish and you embrace. In the mirror look at yourself now. You actually are a huge being of pure essence. This pure essence and breathe deeply, breathe deeply. Take a moment now and connect with your Higher Self. Ask he/she what is it that you need assistance with in this moment and let’s just take a moment to feel that message coming to you.


Now let’s activate that message through the vibration. Now we are going to go into the areas of a higher frequency. With just the sparkles of Light right now we are going to bring frequencies of Purples, Lavenders, Greens, Oranges, Blues, Violets, Reds, and Pinks. Now the lights are all changing into different colors and command them to go wherever you need them. Are there any spots in your body? If you are having trouble with your mental level, put it on your right side of your body and your heart. Allow those colors to be more of a bluish, lavenders, purples and violets. If it is your emotional level, allow the colors in that area to be on the left side of your body and the left side of your heart in Pinks, Reds, and activations of the elements of higher frequencies within those colors all mixed together. Now feel those coming together feeling the Male and Female in unison not just in your heart but your entire body. Feel the fluidness that is happening within you and allow that vibration. As you integrate that vibration to be fully within you, you Accept. You Accept the Divinity that you Are. Now take another deep breath and tune into your Higher Self. What is he or she saying to you now? You should hear something like, “Good Job; Yes, we have done it; Continue doing it; It is the manifestation that we need.” Breathe deeply through that as the balance is now occurring on the higher frequency. Now I want you to think about exactly what it is that may be bothering you. Maybe it’s an issue, maybe it’s a person, maybe it’s a responsibility, maybe it’s not a task, whatever it is that is in your physical life that needs more light put into it. If it’s individual(s), see the individual(s) in this light frequency with you and let’s take a deep breath as we expand into that element.

Allow that energy to be with you; that to be your manifestation; that to be the actualization of what is your determination in allowing yourself to totally accept this frequency to be reawakened. Feel that now. Allow yourself to sit now and keep your arms and hands open outwardly, opening your Heart, feeling the energies swirling within you as we now continue with another extension of another activation.

We, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, ask that each individual person that is listening or reading this material to fully allow their Divine purpose to be within them. Allow that Divine Purpose and if there is any other individuals that are part of that Divine Purpose allow them to come from the highest sense not the lower sense. Not the physical sense. As we bring forth the Light Body and totally embrace these frequencies, allow this frequency to be embraced by this activation. Breathe deeply and allow yourself to put out there what it is that you desire or change.

We now ask that each individual person again reading or listening to this material, is fully feeling this activation and this activation occurs within the next few days. Allow this activation to be fully within your Solar Plexus, within your Heart, within your Thymus. Allow yourself to feel it and permeate through every cell, every muscle, every aspect of your light body. Allow the Light Body to be activated. Allow the Higher Self to embrace and to be the commanding energy. Now allow the I AM Presence of each individual person to be fully activated in this manner and to bring in these frequencies. Allow this frequency to be your frequency. Allow our frequency to be your frequency as we allow your frequency to be our frequency. Let’s embrace, let’s embrace; feel that activation now flowing through you in the actualization that you are. The actualization and the commandment of the essence of creating your Divinity upon this Earth because as you create this Divinity within, you are going to be able to create the Divinity upon the Earth. Know this to be true. Know these actions that you are creating with you will open up your illumination and your path in front of you. Create a Golden Path and allow that Golden Path to be the frequency of All That Is. As we embrace this Light, we now send it through our Earth Star into Gaia. Allow Gaia to feel her illumination so that all of the inhabitants can fully be actualized with these energies. Let’s breathe deeply, breathe very, very deeply as we allow this frequency to be embraced within us. We of the Divine Mother and Father God now ask that the illumination that you are asking for to be fully manifested within a 24 to 48 hour period. There is no waiting any longer; it is instantaneous. When you go to sleep this evening, command that you want these activations to occur. If you need to write them down before you go to sleep so you are more focused, please do it. We know this has been action energy and you may not even be perceiving the focus that you need. But allow yourself to know what is the most important thing in your life right now that needs to be illuminated with the Light and allow that with the Sparkles of Light that you infused ~ the sparkles of the clear and the crystalline light along with all colors. Allow those illuminations to occur within your Solar Plexus, within your Heart, and within your Thymus to be the Being that you are – to be in the continuation of a Light and allow that Light to be your guide. No other light as you combine your energies of your I AM, of your Higher Self, within your physical body as you are One Body now. Feel that actualization occurring for you as you are reawakening your energies. We now ask for one last activation.

As these integrations occur for you in this 48-hour period, you will awaken with a new sense of light within you. You will see the doorways and the gateways opening up clearly for you. As you do this, then the activation is going to occur for you. So we ask with the Cosmic energies from the Creative Source of Oneness into the Divine Mother and Father God that We Are of the cosmic Great Central Sun to be fully be integrated within you as we bring forth these frequencies deeply, deeply within the core of your Being. We are One. We are One and we are here to assist ~ embrace our love ~ embrace our frequency ~ embrace our Light ~ embrace our vibrancy because all of these are yours in return. What is ours and yours and vice versa. So let us come into Oneness right now as we embrace each other with the Light that We Are and to bring forth those sparkles of Light in the culmination of the illumination of the actualization that You Are. Allow the messages to come from your Higher Self; allow them to come from your I AM Presence; allow them to flow through you; allow yourself to not put them aside because the quickest messages always the most important. Breathe, breathe, breathe and breathe as you feel that actualization all the way down to your Root and up to your Crown – down the Root and up to your Crown and now it centers into your Thymus as your higher self thanks you as you thank him/her for assisting you in this process. We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service. Bless you on reawakening your awakening.

In the Name of the Holy God of Hosts and in the Name YHWH and All that Is, We are One.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service.

I AM……..

Greetings, this is Lord Sananda again. Just embrace what just happened because there have been many activations within one activation. Allow these sparkles of Light to be different activations as you are bringing forth the within your physical body as you have never experienced previously. Allow yourself to fully understand the sense of whom you are in this moment. Not the physical sense; not the mental sense; not the emotional sense but your entire Light Sense. Breathe deeply as you feel this essence that is you within you in this moment. You may want to sit this evening after this call, listen to this recording or reading the words, and just feel those essences coming because we have given you many downloads this evening and there may be more to come in the next couple of days.

It is my divine pleasure to be here with you as Lord Sananda for the Christ Consciousness as we all come together in the Oneness that We Are. Namaste.

Cosmic Oneness
The One Heart That We All Are
Dedicated to the Communication of the
Cosmic Great Central Sun known as the Integration of
Our Divine Mother and Divine Father

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