28 March 2011     Channeler:  Taryn Crimi

The , By Taryn Crimi


I know that every time you increase in vibration, anything that is not in resonance with the new will come to the to be cleared so that you can remain in that higher frequency and again go even higher. My question is, when we ascend to a whether it be the 4th or the 5th dimension will we instantly be met with anything that is not in resonance with that frequency and drop back down? 

You are all experiencing that now. You are moving back and forth from the , and then you are dropping out of that frequency when you experience fear, doubt, anger, or any vibration that is not in resonance with the ; However once you ascend you will have increased your vibration enough to get you over the dimensional threshold, however there will still be more to clear. The 4th dimension is a transitory dimension. It really is only there to help you bridge the huge increase in frequency required to get you from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension. So you are already going back and forth right now. 

When you are in the 4th or the 5th dimension you feel in harmony, at ease, and in bliss. Then you are met with the fears of not being able to stay there and you drop back out. So, in answer to your question, yes you will still have more to clear once you ascend and because you are vibrating at a higher rate you will be met with much faster manifestations of your fears and beliefs. You are all practicing this now. As time is speeding up, really as linear time is collapsing, you are experiencing less “time&;. As you increase in frequency you will feel less and less time pass. 

Now the 4th dimension as we were saying is a transitory dimension and not all of you will decide to make a pit stop there. Some of you will be able to raise your vibration high enough to go straight to the 5th dimension. But one is not better than the other; Just a different experience. In the 4th dimension you will all be able to practice manifesting, and controlling your thoughts and emotions; which will be imperative for when you get to the 5th dimension because that is where you will manifest instantaneously. So it will be very important for you to be able to control all of your thoughts. So the 4th dimension is a practice run for the 5th. Although you are all switching back and forth between the 3rd dimension and the higher dimensions, most of you are not consciously aware of it. Once you ascend you will be consciously aware that you have switched into the higher dimensions and you will have shed enough of your limiting beliefs to raise your frequency high enough so that you will remain in that dimension. Until you choose to once again increase your frequency and in turn you will once again move to a higher dimension. Higher isn’t better it is only different; it comes with a different rule book, if you will, that is germane to that dimension. You all agreed to the constraints of the third dimension for the learning experience, you will have a new set of rules to the game when you move to another dimension.

Allow the to flow. You are blocking new from coming into you. Let the new come through you. You are afraid of letting go of old beliefs for fear of the unknown. Do you really think that we would assure you that this new is for your benefit if it were not? Would we ever steer you wrong? When being fearful of releasing the old, you are afraid of letting go of the past, of the old way, of not knowing what will come up in the process of releasing. This is what scares you the most. You are seeing that when you release old fears that before the new ones can fully integrate, you must be met with any fears or beliefs that you still have in your subconscious that are vibrating on a lower level. You are viewing this to be a bad thing. You are thinking that “even though these old beliefs are no longer serving me and I know that”, you will still have to be met with the “pain” of losing a piece of yourself and endure the pain of clearing the old beliefs. You are viewing the process of clearing to be a negative; you are viewing it as painful. You do not have to stay in any vibration that you don’t want to! It’s always your choice! So although when you are clearing old beliefs, and removing blocks from your system, your beliefs that are vibrating too low to stay in your resonance will come to the surface to be cleared; but you can clear them instantly. You can look at what was activated and within one second change your vibration to alter your experience. You do not have to re-live the fears. That is not what this process is for. It is your choice however, and if it is your desire to put yourself through more pain because you refuse to remove your focus, then we can do nothing to hinder that. You are free to make that choice, but we are telling you that there is another way. Let them come to the surface so that you become aware that they were there, and then release them out to the ether; so that you can be done with those limiting beliefs and move on to a higher frequency. Holding onto the limiting beliefs is far more detrimental than releasing them to the surface and clearing them for good. By holding onto the belief you remain in that frequency which mandates that you continue to experience the ramifications of those beliefs indefinitely until it is your desire to release them. By choosing to release them, they affect you momentarily. You can shift your focus and let them go, it’s only by holding on to them that they are able to torment you. So do not be freighted of shifting to a higher frequency because you fear the momentary pain of releasing and acknowledging your fears, let them go for once and for all!

In love and light, as always we are just a thought away