6 March 2011


I Am Rosalia. Peace. with me a moment. …Yes. There we are. We are here in . We are in harmony, a harmonious connection with the of consciousness and in harmony with the Field of . The field also represents the in harmony with you. It is two ways – you are in harmony with the field of , it is in harmony with you. It is a direct-Source line. Then you become in 'a-line-ment.' Being in 'a-line-ment' makes for a a good feel of exchange, our hearts are merging with yours.

And so welcome, to bringing your to Telos. I am happy to speak to you. Everyone is very precious to me. In this message, we are going to talk about the …We hold high celebrations on these days. You are all welcome to join us, in your spirit bodies.
Welcome, come and sit around my table. Come and enjoy yourself. This is a wonderful place to be, in Telos. We welcome you.
The energies for this year are: gratitude and sharing. I want to emphasize this so that you feel it more fully in your heart. It is beating with gratitude, yes and with joy and laughter and all of those good things that make the soul happy. The soul is always content in springtime, and Equinox is a good time to celebrate that.
If there is any part of you that doesn't like it's experience in life, bring that to the table. If there is fear, disharmony, unhappy or unpleasant emotions, don't let them miss out, they can change and feel as well: let them join us and they will be transformed into joyous things.
I want to share with you: we live our lives quite similarly to yours, in Telos, in Telosian exchange there is a commonwealth of sorts, and a guide that we abide by. We will send you this energy now and in the future we'll be bringing you certain guidelines to abide by. But first let's start with the energy of it, feel that now. Feel it in your hearts, feel your hearts expanding.
Dear sweet friends!! I am so happy you are tuning in to me now. It is so good to be with you. You are feeling more at home here in Telos, and with me, and your other Telosian friends. This will help us merge in our consciousness so that we can be together in a more and more direct way…
This is the energy we want to bring to you, of peace and gratitude and sharing. So let the sharing begin!


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