27 February 2011 Channeler:  Erin Mackley

original : www.soulinsightawakenings.wordpress.com 

Some channeling from St. Germain on the reasons for financial worry and trouble, along with a suggested response to alleviate it (this was actually received in 2009, but now St. Germain wants to speak on it some more, so I am posting this information now):

When you were a small infant, you held nothing in your field but LIGHT. You had all of your needs met instantly. When you grew older, this was not so, so easily. You began to grow weaker and weaker in light, until you forgot or hardly remembered this merging or never-ending well-spring, which you had in the womb with your Mother.

You held this experience, however, in the cells of your body, and you have them there now, and it is ACCESSIBLE any time. This is called your “Mother-Is-Me” memory. It is what you would call a . It would feel like a blossoming flower or a bright sunlight energy. But I will not speak for you.

When you first felt disappointment regarding protection and containment from the Mother-energy, this tainted your cells, your cellular memory, as I will call it…You cried from the inside out, and you began to carry it with you and it tainted all of your experiences then after.

KNOW that your relationship with money has to do with your inner relationship with the Mother (or caregiver energy for you). It is your own energy, you created early on before you had full consciousness of what was happening.

Call back to yourself the Mother-is-me frequency you possess, in this present moment, and engage in that wonderful Mother-Presence energy now. This has great potential to heal yourself and the planet.