21 March 2011 Channeler:  WENDY-MARIE COLLINS

GREETINGS BELOVED ONES! We Greet You with a -Felt Welcome, Welcome One & All. Blessed Are Each of You!

We invite each of you to take a here to settle into your chairs and become comfortable. And as you begin to settle into your seats enjoy the feeling of your body being supported at this time. We invite you to recognize that you are always supported.

We invite you to focus on your breath now and for the next few moments as you quiet your mind leaving your cares of the day behind you as you breathe into your Heart as you experience the stillness of Peace within your Being. Breathe with us now and for the next few moments.

Allow your focus to settle into your , into the Sanctuary of Your Sacred Heart Chamber as you continue to breathe. Feel the Peace… yes, feel the Peace as you continue to breathe in the Crystalline Golden Light particles which are now brightly illuminating within your Sacred . Recall the Golden Chalice THAT IS YOU for it is within your High , YOU are the Holy Grail of the Reunification, drink deeply from the Chalice as you Breathe in the Essence of your Being. Know that as you continue to breathe you nourish your entire body and each cell of your Body as you breathe in the Crystalline Golden Light particles which are all around you…

Please pause here for a few moments to just breathe! KNOW that as you focus on your breath you Honor your body with Love & Acceptance for providing the vehicle for this amazing journey of Awakening. Please take these few moments to pause with Conscious Love & Acceptance of the Self and of your body as you breathe into your Heart Center.



The Photon Light has lifted up again and ranges in the 4's & 5's this month with a slight drop back into the 4's at the end of the month. On March 11 when the Earthquake struck Japan it had dropped into the high 4's, so we were dealing with the 4th dimensional resetting of energies. Remember Dear Ones, that 4 represents the Fourth Dimension of Etheric Thought Forms which hold the potential for manifestation into the physical plane. (more on this later)

March brings with it some very powerful energies. We also have an extremely powerful Equinox arriving on March 20. The upcoming Spring/Fall Equinox on March 20, 2011 includes the coming together with a Perigee Full Moon (Super Charged Full Moon closest to the Earth for all of 2011) on March 19 and the Equinox Sun conjunct Uranus (March 21) is the closest Sun-Uranus conjunction at the Equinox in 335 years. This indicates a powerful point in the ongoing Shift for all of humanity, and how we choose to participate during this timing will determine much of the outcome of this portion of the Shift. With that said we invite you to do your BEST to function from that "Observer Self" as much as possible so that you may RESPOND Consciously to that which arrives in each Now Moment.

So many are feeling the stresses of . Those that are "sensitive to the Energies" could feel what was coming as Gaia prepared to "adjust her current condition" as this huge Earthquake in Japan occurred. There are many who have a "cellular memory" of the "End Days" on both Lemuria & Atlantis and their physical bodies, or better said "Elemental Bodies" have experienced some "symptoms" or memories of fear. This can be experienced as anxiety, physical pain, high blood pressure issues, heart palpitations, digestive discomfort, over-eating as a way to comfort oneself, headaches, etc., etc. For those who are experiencing these issues with the Body, take time to stop & breathe into your hearts and communicate with your "Body Elemental" to assure them that all is in Perfection, and that we are MOVING UP this time into higher more loving & peaceful frequencies. For many of you, the cellular memory in our bodies are remembering the turbulence Gaia demonstrated as we MOVED DOWN in frequencies during the destruction of Atlantis & demise of Lemuria. Take the time needed to communicate inwardly and to breathe into your hearts, talk to your Body Elemental & offer reassurance & Love.

Dear Ones, Once again we wish to invite you to join with all the many other Lightworkers around the Globe to join in as we send our Prayers, Love & Compassion to all those affected by these recent events resulting from the earthquake in Japan & the following Tsunami. Let us continue to hold all who have been displaced or are in fear in the Light of Love. Unfortunately, we will have more of these types of events, especially this year between Mid-March through Mid-October. This major quake on the tail of the Australian
quake has activated most of the major fault lines.

Know that Mother Earth is moving forward in the Waves of Ascension Energy. Remember to Neutralize any fear you may feel and Trust that all is in Divine Order & Divine Perfection. Know that all Souls who are lost in these events contracted to participate in these events prior to this embodiment. No one & nothing is ever lost, simply merely transformed back into it original Source.

Those who are contracted to stay and show the way for the others will be guided & protected. For us our job is to Radiate the Light of Love as we pray for the Highest & Best for All concerned. These are the "Birth Pangs" of the Earth being birthed as we lift into higher frequencies of Light.

Many are going through their own "inner earthquakes" as we feel the need to balance that which is out of balance in our lives. Too much "doing" & not enough "Being" is throwing us out of balance. Another aspect of these intense energies occurring this next month will stimulate specific issues for us, especially the ones we have resisted the most or hidden the farthest from ourselves so the bottom line is that the Truth is about to come "rolling" in and the best way to be ready for it is to focus on some sincere self honesty. Be willing to look deep into the "shadows" of your consciousness that you have been avoiding internally. The energies to our Mental and Emotional Bodies will be relentless until we "come clean" with ourselves and do the work. Then it's over, so why keep putting it off, you will be so glad you did, WHEW…. you will finally feel free and more Light!

One of the good things that is showing up (if we look for this), you will begin to notice there is this great new trend showing up that is ushering in the new paradigms demonstrating cooperation and Unity Consciousness that are far from the old ways of doing things. People are really coming together to work with common goals and intentions. This is happening all over the world and there are unifications happening that are beautiful to watch. More & more Lightworkers are joining together around the world in common themes of healing & Love. More Lightworkers are joining together to bring in a wider range of information in cooperation together, and humanity is reaching out to their neighbors and offering a helping hand as we saw in the 9-11 incident in 2001. We are working more as One Big Family.

CHANGE is definitely a theme for this year. Stay flexible and it may be best not to make too many plans too far in advance. Unless things are really the perfect fit for you and your life, they will drop away, and this is a theme that will only get stronger as we go through the year. Some of you will be in the early stages of this new experience in March, and so you may find yourselves feeling empty, frustrated, and disorientated for a few days as each of these changes or dropping away moments occur. However Trust the process, as it really will be for your benefit that these seeming losses or changes are happening now so that you are being positioned with purpose.

As we move forward into the "Great Shift" and transform that which is out of Balance in today's world of polarization, all that You require is the that NEW and different possibilities exist for you to choose. Then all that is needed is for you to act upon this new more expanded , first by intention and then by your actions in every NOW moment. Hold the VISION of the world you desire that demonstrates Peace, cooperation, and Unity Consciousness based in and Balanced by Love. Your contributions as individuals joined with the collective efforts of every Being and the Free Will of all of humanity as a whole, can and will literally create the New Reality for the New Earth experience. You are each Aspects of God coming together as Newly Awakened individuals, Empowered by your new as The Creators of our mutual New Earth Reality.

We are currently in the beginning of these New Powerful Stargate Energies that will be active between Mid-March through Mid-October. Our dimension is already shifting, and moving into its new position in frequency with a new and different set of harmonics. There will be "Waves of Expansion" during this cycle. It can and will become the world that you have envisioned with YOUR SUPPORT based upon your thoughts, & actions. When a dimension shifts, it is entirely reliant and dependent upon the energies of its "Interior Resident Consciousness" to direct that change (meaning you & I). YOU ARE the consciousness within YOUR dimension. Set your intentions now. Act upon them in your world daily. Where YOUR shift "arrives" and re-harmonizes, is entirely dependent upon YOU as individuals and YOU as a collective. YOU ARE Aspects of God Creating and Commanding New Outcomes in New Realities. One of the most important things to remember during this expansion is to remain in your hearts. Stay focused in the Light of Love. Breathe into your hearts OFTEN. And remember to remain as the "Observer" aware of your state of internal "Balance". In any given moment, if you take a step backwards into duality, or fear, simply choose again, and you will move back into a more harmonious and balanced frequency & dimensional Reality.

As we choose and create Peace within it is reflected in our environment around us, and yes even in Gaia herself. As we find Balance so does this support Gaia as she transforms & heals and restores her balance. We are connect to her, we are One with her, as we balance ourselves so do we support Gaia.



During the days ahead it is truly important to use GREAT DISCERNMENT in all areas of your Life. There are many individuals that have "recognized current world conditions" has left people uncertain and somewhat fearful. Certain types of people will see this "as an opportunity to make some money" based on peoples fear. We recommend that you Research all information to "observe its validity". There is so much misinformation floating around out there, Listen to your "still small voice" within, what it is saying to you at any given moment. This even applies to the world of "email messages" too, listen to your "inner knowing". As you apply your "sense" of "inner knowing" more and more, even to the smallest of things, soon this will become a way of life and a basic part of who you are, it will become no different than breathing.

"Observe" the individuals presenting these things, for instance, are they offering a "Sure Path to Ascension", or "Sure Path to a Secure Financial Future" and the like, no matter what it is. Observe if there is a "fear factor" as an "undertone" to what they are offering, or their "reasoning" in stating it's worth. The ones with the Biggest Price Tags are the ones to question the most carefully. We are referring to both Lightworkers and the Sales people of the world. YOU are the one that will determine the outcome for both "your Sure Path to Ascension" and your "Sure Path to a Secure Financial Future". What you believe about yourself will be the "Reflection" that is mirrored on the Screen of your Life, and in the outcome of your daily experience.

We highly suggest that you refine your "senses" and "listen" to what you are feeling "in your gut", so to speak. Recognize the difference between emotions & your "senses". Refine your "senses", they will be your best source for clear discernment. Listen to your OWN KNOWING, TRUST IN YOUR SELF. Soul is standing there waiting for you to Open the Door more fully into your Being, welcome Soul with a sincere Heart and your world will expand exponentially.

As sincere Seekers of Truth, may we recognize and contemplate that the Greatest, most Authentic Teachings always come from WITHIN and as a result of our Seeking from a sincere heart that is yielding to the I AM Presence within, and to the Mother-Father God of All, amazing experiences & awakenings are awaiting the Open Heart of One WHO ASKS for this Wisdom. Our Truth will always change in accordance to the expanding levels of Conscious Realization we have reached. Our ability to Perceive Reality is based on our own evolution, our experiences are a reflection that is directly associated with our own level of Soul Integration & Awakening, no matter how much light is entering on to the Planet. It is through the clarity of a balanced, peaceful mind and an OPEN Heart that we will recognize those that are coming from a less than "Clear" or "Truthful" place. Listen to the "Master Within", Your Soul & I AM Presence will guide you.


So many have become lost in the acceleration of time & space and the constant demand of things that need to be accomplished. Many are finding themselves depleted & lost in the frenzy. We need to take time to be in nature to slow down and experience the beauty that can nurture us. We need time to regenerate & rejuvenate, even if it is only to take time to be in your garden, sit in a swing on your back porch, or go to a nearby park. Take a drive somewhere where you can be close to nature, have a picnic under a tree, or go for walk by a stream. And for those who don't have any of these within close proximity, simply lay down in a comfortable and put on some soothing, peaceful beautiful music and just Be, breathe, & rest, (this will work nicely for those who are still snow bound). For those who need to "Blow off some Steam" so to speak, choose something that gives you great Joy as a physical outlet. Maybe it is running or jogging, or skiing for those in Ski Country. Go for a hike or swim, or Dance like Crazy if this gives you Joy and a sense of "release". For those with relationship partners, make mad passionate Love. For any of you who are having a difficult time just getting up out of your chair we do recommend that you do allow time to get up and move around, it is important to allow the new energies to "circulate"

There has been a very definite acceleration of the NEW Energies increasingly running through our newly Rewired bodies, brains & hearts every day. We invite you to relax into and adapt to these newly accelerated energies & frequencies. Take time to stop, and to focus on just breathing into your hearts as you consciously choose to assimilate these new frequencies. As we take the time to simply Be this allows for the anchoring of these new frequencies with greater ease.

Some of you may find at times that you literally just need to lay down and close your eyes for a while, even if you haven't been up that long, for example, you may have only been up for 6 hours and find yourself needing to lay down… just do it if at all possible, your body will be assimilating a new level of Light within the body, and/or some new Codes of Light raising your present frequency. For those of you who are still out in the work force, or not working for yourself, if it hits you really hard… go to your Supervisor and say you are suddenly not feeling well and that you will be fine if you can just lay down for a while. If you have an office perhaps you can just close the door and lay your head back on the back of your office chair and close your eyes for a while. (I've done this, and literally took about a 30-40 minute nap and felt better after the nap.) Remember to nurture yourself often.

We are now in a place where it is SO IMPORTANT to make time to slow down and just BE. It is a time to create Balance. From this place of calm is where we are meant to learn how to live and move through our daily lives. From this place of "Calm & Balance' is where we suggest will be the best position to manifest the world around us. Start with small things and simply "see them NOW & in your very near future". We recommend that you do not try to "Choreograph" the events, leave this up to . See yourself gratefully experiencing the Joy of the outcome! Then just go about your daily activities and "enjoy the surprise" in the moment when the doors open to the birth of this newly manifested event! And then say THANK YOU to ALL THAT YOU ARE for aligning the synchronicities so beautifully. Remember that Soul is your Partner in this exciting time of expansion and Soul is literally WAITING for you to ASK for help in manifesting that which you need or desire. Soul can & will "Align the necessary energies" required to manifest what you are needing, or what you desire. Remember "Ask and yee shall receive, knock and the door shall be opened".

Make time in your life to create this place of Balance. There will always be a list of "to-do's", it will still be there waiting for you when you are ready to come back to it. Nurture Your Body, Mind, Emotions & Spirit with moments of beauty, of calm, of fulfillment that feeds your Soul and brings Joy to your heart, whatever this may be. As we move deeper into the New Energies we will be discovering new abilities and tools of Creation as we learn "the Art of Simply BEING" and as we recognize the ease of "holding" and "anchoring" the New Reality as integrated, Unified, Heart Centered Conscious Beings.


Parallel Dimensions
Letter from a Survivor in Sendai – March 15, 2011

"I see no signs of fear. Resignation, yes, but fear or panic, no."

This touching message is from Anne in Sendai, Japan, where she has lived for the past decade teaching English. Her sister in the posted it on Facebook.

"No one has washed for several days. We feel grubby, but there are so much more important concerns than that for us now. I love this peeling away of non-essentials. Living fully on the level of instinct, of intuition, of caring, of what is needed for survival, not just of me, but of the entire group.

"There are strange parallel universes happening. Houses a mess in some places, yet then a house with futons or laundry out drying in the sun. People lining up for water and food, and yet a few people out walking their dogs. All happening at the same time.

"Unexpected touches of beauty are first, the silence at night. No cars. No one out on the streets. And the heavens at night are scattered with stars. The mountains of Sendai are solid and with the crisp air we can see them silhouetted against the sky magnificently.

"There is indeed an enormous Cosmic evolutionary step that is occurring all over the world right at this moment. And somehow as I experience the events happening now in Japan, I can feel my heart opening very wide….I feel as part of something happening that's much larger than myself. This wave of birthing (worldwide) is hard, and yet magnificent."

You can read the full letter on Facebook. Here's the link:


Why we have shared this wonderful article is a perfect example of how even though we share our Collective Reality, we ALSO live within our Individual Reality which is manifested directly from our "Individual Perception" of what we "believe" will be our experience, therefore there are unlimited Alternate Realities available to choose from, and you can even, "choose again" if you "recognize" there is yet another Higher Potential available if we simply choose it.

If our minds and emotions are filled with visions of disaster & death, so shall our experience be within the Collective Experience.

When we maintain our Trust and our minds and emotions are calm with the KNOWING that We ARE SAFE AT ALL TIMES, so shall we experience OUR Reality as this version of Truth.

Even if your neighbor is being swept away by the events of a disaster, when your mind KNOWS and TRUSTS that you are Divinely Guided & Protected at ALL TIMES so shall your experience be within the Collective experience. Your emotions reflect this Truth as you pray for those around you and Give Thanks for God's Grace in your personal experience!

We invite you to Step More Fully into TRUST than ever before. WE invite you to step more fully into the TRUTH of your Divine Nature than ever before. We invite you to expand into your PASSION of this TRUTH as you experience Ever Greater Levels of TRUST!

Remember to breathe often as you breathe in the Love that You Are, Remember to Breathe in the Light that You Are. Be Gentle with yourselves and hold yourself and all others in the Light of Love and Compassion Always.

And So It Is Beloved Ones, That We Honor You for The Journey You Have Chosen, You Are Loved beyond Measure!

Blessed Be,
We Are One, Anjuriel, Sariniela, Master Dakon, and the I AM That I AM