Jennifer Hoffman a message from Archangel Uriel

channeled by Jennifer Hoffman

Tuesday, 1 March, 2011  (posted 14 March, 2011)

The world is an illusion because despite the solid forms that all matter takes in the third dimension, is viewed (and changes) according to our . There is no standard view of the world, as it can be viewed as beautiful or ugly, in fear or love, sad or joyful, depending on the beliefs, tastes, feelings and thoughts of the viewer. In fact, each of us sees every aspect of the world in our unique way because the world is viewed through our eyes and felt through our emotions. There is no other way to ‘see’ or feel the world other than on an individual and very subjective level.

What we call the ‘material’ world it is actually an energetic continuum whose form appears to be physical, solid and real. And while it is physical, from our perspective, it is so much more. Our relationship with the world is physical because we are aware of and relate to, in our human experience, the physical nature of reality. But this is only one perspective. Our true relationship with the world is energetic, because the world is simply a flow of .

The energy is not a single frequency or value with a defined . It is an unlimited of frequencies that we connected to according to our own energetic vibration. There is no pre-set in the world; however, there are levels that correspond to the collective vibration in that place. We can only experience those frequencies that match our own which is why we can feel out of place and uncomfortable in one geographic area or around certain people and completely welcome and comfortable in others.

What we need to know about the energy of the world, and of is that it meets us where we are at energetically. When we shift our energy the world meets us at another frequency. If we want to control the world (and our ), we need to learn how to control our own energy. And we do that by understanding our emotions because that is how we connect to the earth’s energy.

Our perception of the world is nothing more than the intersection between the earth’s energy and our emotions. Think about a place that you have good memories of and you can feel joy and see beauty there. Now share that perception with someone who has a bad memory of that place and their experience and feelings are very different. Where you see beauty they see ugliness; where you remember joy, they remember pain. It is still the same place but with a different energetic experience.

This is a simple truth about the world, we are energetic beings and we live in an energetic world. We believe that the world is here to be conquered and overcome but it is simply a flow of energy that has no judgment or agenda with us. The energy does not care what it is or becomes, it merely responds to what we put out in the form of our emotions, beliefs and thoughts and transforms itself to accommodate them. So the challenges of life are no more than the transformation of the energy into something we can know as challenging, in response to our own energy. And the joys of life represent the transformation of energy into something that we feel as joyful. Everything we know of the world is a reflection of our energy and everything in the world changes as we shift our energy.

This means that we have the ability to create the world into whatever we want our experience of it to be. This is miracle creation, moving energy from one place to the next, shifting our vibrations to enable higher levels of energetic frequency to be expressed through us into the world. With this viewpoint we can believe that anything is possible and it is, for us. Because while we can shift our perception of the world and our energy we can’t do that for anyone else. Each person has their unique relationship with this energy based on their dreams, desires, karma, vibrations, soul contract, beliefs, thoughts, past experiences and life lessons. With so many different factors affecting the energy, can we ever be on the same page with anyone?

We can share a range of energetic vibrations with someone but we can’t share a world view, although our views can be similar. In fact, we can’t share any aspect of our physical experience of the world with anyone. Can we breathe, eat, live or laugh for someone? Can we feel good about something and then give them that exact experience? If you are thirsty and I take a drink, are you still thirsty? Of course you are because I can’t give my physical experience to you; you have to do it for yourself.

And this is where we get stuck in our relationships because we want to share our journey with others to validate our own experiences. We are looking for an outer level of connection that we feel is missing in our inner world. But what we really want is someone to create a higher vibration for us than we believe we can create for ourselves. It is frustrating and never works because we are trying to share an emotional experience in a physical world that is our unique interpretation of the energy. Our emotional body is the filter we use to experience the earth’s energy, judging every experience by how we feel about it.

Imagine being around a 2 year old child whose moods change constantly. One minute they’re happy and laughing, and in the next they are crying, screaming and throwing things around. They are like that because they are always in response mode and their moods change according to the energy they feel. And we are like this in many ways because we allow our emotions to dictate how we experience the earth’s energy. Since we are often not in control of our emotions, like the 2 year old, we can believe that we’re not in control of the energy and we aren’t, as long as our emotions are heavily involved.

With this viewpoint we are never really in control of our world because we rely on feeling the energy as a participant instead of knowing the energy as an observer. This is the difference between being in charge of the or drowning in it. Too often we’re drowning and unable to find our way out because we get lost in the emotional experience of the energy and forget that there is another level, that of intention.

Through intention we become masters of the energy because we set its frequency instead of unconsciously reacting to whatever energy is around us, which includes that of other people. Most of us are natural empaths, meaning we are aware of others’ energy but it goes more deeply than that, as we set our energetic frequency to align with theirs. We do this for several reasons, to transmute or shift lower energies, to help others on their healing journey by walking beside them, to respond to healing needs by being servants instead of being in service, or because we automatically respond to others’ healing needs by mirroring their healing to them. In this way, we give away pieces of our light to share it, rather than shining more brightly and increasing our energetic frequency to remind others of their inner power.

We have much to learn about energy, light and power and how we help others on their journey. And this is all part of our mastery journey, to realize that no matter what we are experiencing on the earth, it’s all energy, an illusion created from the intersection of our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and perceptions and the earth’s energy. And like sand on a beach, the illusion shifts with every shift in our own energy. Each time we change our energy we shift all of our connections to the earth’s energy, which also shifts the illusion and how we perceive it. And as we each commit to shifting our vibrations to higher levels, we have an impact on the entire spectrum of the earth’s energies and shift them too.

When we understand the truth about energy and our relationship to it, how the emotions play such an important part and what we can do to change them, we will no longer feel like we’re drowning in the energy because we will walk in the energy of our own intention and this is what will create heaven on earth.


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