God said:

Lift up your head. Lift up your eyes. Life up your . Let your dance and sing. You are the decider of your . The world is not. The world does not have the last say of your . Your is within your for a reason. For all intents and purposes, it is your . Of course, your is Mine, yet what We are talking about now is your free will. Your can be anything you say it is. It can be the of hearts.

Do not embalm your heart. Let your heart be full-hearted. Let your heart sing My song. Let your heart be an aria. Let your heart be a scene-stealer. Why, oh, why, My children, would you deny your heart its chance to shine? Have you not put your heart under a mushroom? Have you not sometimes or often kept it hidden from yourself and the world?
Hearts are not to be denied. Not yours, not anyone’s.
Dust off your heart, and get it out there with the sun and the stars. Take your heart out of the closet and hang it high up on the moon or the tail of a comet, and let it be seen. If only in passing, let your heart be seen. Let your heart be unforgettable. Do not forget your heart.
Your heart is not an adding machine. Your heart is not a cipher. Your heart is a full-blown rose. Your heart is replicated. Let your heart be on the front cover of every magazine. Let’s return love to love. Let love not be a tour de force. Love is not meant to struggle. Love is the engine that runs the Universe. So be it. Why disguise love? Why short-change it? Why harden a heart that is meant for love?
In the story, the miser of money himself turned into frozen inanimate gold. What is this story about but love lost? The miser kept love to himself as he hoarded his money. Money, try as it might, cannot be the love of your life.
Keep your love viable. Keep your heart searching the stars and bringing starlight to Earth.
Today you will have many opportunities to love, and to love above all. To love before self-righteousness. To love before distress. To love before anything else. To love no matter what. You are to let deter you from love. equals it.
You may say that the world has denied you love. You may say that the world has closed your heart. You may say that your heart has been flattened, stepped on, discounted, not recognized, disapproved of. What a terrible thing for the world to have done. Even worse, when you follow the dictates of the world and stop there. Your heart is to blossom. You are the only one who has the power to hold back your heart. Whose heart is it? Your heart is not someone else’s. Your heart is not clay that another plays with. No one, nothing, is to vanquish your heart, your beautiful heart, My beautiful heart lodged in your chest.
Playing for love is a high-stakes game. Do not throw down the cards of your heart. Do not get up and leave. Stay with love. There is no other game in town.
Not for one minute are you to forget love. Not for one minute are you to keep the lid on it. Oh, no. Set your love free. Set it free now once and for all. Unlock your heart and throw the key away. The key got rusty. Now polish your heart. Your heart is the supreme apple on the tree. Your love is the star at the top of the tree. Your heart cannot topple. Fall in love with love. Let your love no longer give of itself by dribs and drabs. Open your heart wide, not just ajar, no, wide open for all the world to see.
Restore your heart to its birthright. Your heart’s birthright is to love. This way to love. Steer your heart down the freeway of love.