Take a trip to Somaliland and off the international map. Despite winning independence in a brutal civil war 20 years ago, Somaliland remains to be unrecognized by the international community. Eclipsed by 's ongoing and complex troubles, Somaliland&;s milestones of restoring law and order, a rich democracy, and a running infrastructure without any aid from external sources tend to go unnoticed.
Project Somaliland is a documentary about traveling to an internationally isolated nation. In this short film, MapMaker’s Amy & Mike investigate the people and perspectives that helped to establish durable peace, security and democracy in Somaliland. Amazed by the role clan politics and nationalism play in establishing stable infrastructure – this new view on relationships was one for the “Map&;.
As the travelers wander across the state from Hargeissa to Berbera, with self appointed 18year old guide Mohammed, the filmmakers meet many Somalilanders happy to share their insights on subjects like – International Recognition, Diaspora, and the future of Somaliland.
Wander off the beaten path, and you’ll be amazed at what you find. For in a nation with so much associated “danger”, The MapMakers discover people who have overcome hardships and continue to move forward with their own peculiar grace.