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The Proven Cure and Prevention for Cancer the Medical Establishment Doesn't Want You to Know – Part I

by Barbara L. Minton
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(NaturalNews) This article is about how you can prevent and cure cancer with a bottle of flax and a carton of cottage cheese. As incredible as this may seem, it is a truth that has been well proven and documented. It is also a truth that has been vigorously suppressed because the cancer industry is big business at its worst.

You or someone you love may have been diagnosed with cancer, and you are very much afraid. You have been taught by the disease establishment that you have a life threatening condition, and you had better sign on for the "standard of care" treatments before it is too late. Your doctors have thrown all sorts of frightening statistics at you about what will happen if you don't have immediate surgery followed by , , and probably a lifetime of debilitating drug use. You are being pressured to make an immediate commitment to these toxic treatments.

Your mind is in a whirl, you can't think straight, and you're scared out of your wits. Now the cancer industry has you right where it wants you. You are in no condition to investigate alternatives. If you could gather your wits enough to start investigating what cancer really is and how it should be treated, your doctors know that you would run from them and their poisons. That's why the pressure on you is so intense.

So what is cancer really? Does a person get cancer because he is suffering from a deficiency of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and drugs? Once you realize that the answer to this question is obviously 'no', you will see that traditional "standard of care" treatments, even if administered at state of the art cancer clinics, have no cure to offer you. So there is no rush to sign up for those treatments. You really can afford to take the time to relax and regain your composure, and then decide on a rational approach based on alternatives that do offer you the potential for complete cure. Whether you have a lot of money or not, and even if you have no health insurance, you really can make a complete recovery from cancer.

Cancer is an indication that something is drastically wrong with what you are putting into your body. If you have a family with a high incidence of cancer, maybe you think cancer is in your genes and you really can't do anything about it. This is not true. No matter what your genetic makeup, it is the choices you make that determine whether genes that induce cancer will get switched on. Cancer is not a deadly disease. Cancer is a life saving wake up call. So, with all this in mind, let's get back to the flax oil and cottage cheese.

Johanna Budwig

Dr. Johanna Budwig was born in Germany in 1908 and died 95 years later. She devoted her life to cancer research and was often referred to as the top cancer research scientist in Europe. She was also a biochemist and physicist who was a leading authority on fats, oils and nutrition. After original and exhaustive research which included years of clinical trials, Johanna proved beyond doubt that unheated and unprocessed flaxseed oil could provide the body with the essential fatty acids that would replenish the loss of critically needed phosphatides and lipoproteins missing from the diets of many people of her time and are missing to an even greater degree in the diets of Americans today.

Through blood analysis of many cancer patients, Johanna determined that cancer patients were always grossly deficient in these critical nutrients. Blood samples from all patients with later stage cancer revealed a greenish yellow substance in place of normal, healthy red oxygen carrying hemoglobin indicating an inability of the blood to transport oxygen to the cells. After she treated them for a few months with daily doses of flaxseed oil, their cancer gradually receded and the unhealthy blood color was replaced by healthy red blood cells. This change in blood color signaled the rise of phosphatide and lipoprotein levels.

Her discovery of how to make the fats water soluble was her crowning moment. She realized that fats become water soluble and able to pass through the cell membrane only when they are bound to protein. This is where the cottage cheese comes in. It is the binding of the electron rich fats from the flax oil with the sulphurated protein from the cottage cheese that ushers these electrons in through the cell membranes and into the cell walls.

Johanna was adamantly against the use of hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated, and polyunsaturated fats. She saw the chemical processing of these fats as damaging to every organ in the body. The heart rejects these fats and they end up as inorganic fatty deposits on the heart muscle, blocking circulation, damaging heart action, inhibiting cell renewal and disrupting the normal flow of blood and lymph fluids.

Johanna's patients were those so terminally ill that traditional medical practitioners had given up on them, with many having been given only days or hours to live. She treated these patients with a simple diet based on a combination of flax oil and quark, the European version of cottage cheese. Her published research is full of testimonials from people around the world that were diagnosed with terminal cancer and were completely cured by the Budwig diet. The benefits of Johanna's research extend to the healing of anyone with any of the major debilitating .

There are thousands of documented cases of recovery from cancer using the Budwig protocol. For her research and practice, Johanna was nominated for seven Nobel Prizes, but was kept from receiving any of them by the German and medical industries that subjected her to endless vilification and harassment and blocked the publication of her writings and clinical studies.

We are the body electric

In addition to compromising the integrity of our cellular membranes, processed and cooked oils lower the voltage in the cells of our bodies making us highly susceptible to chronic and terminal disease. Boiled and processed unsaturated fats have their field of electrons altered and destroyed resulting in the inability of the cells to fire properly. The ability of fats to associate with protein and to achieve water solubility in the body is destroyed. When fats are able to bond with protein to achieve water solubility, they are able to enter the cells, provide them with oxygen, and restore proper electrical levels. Remember, it is only in an oxygen deficient environment that cancer cells can thrive.

The proper metabolism of fats affects every vital function and organ of the body, including cell regeneration and death. When new cells grow there is a di-polarity between the positive charge of the nucleus and the negative charge of the cell membrane. During the division phase of the cell cycle, the new or daughter cell must have enough energy to completely divide off from the old cell. It is electron rich fatty acids that facilitate this process. When this process is interrupted because di-polarity is missing through lack of electron rich highly unsaturated fat, cells do not completely divide from each other.

This process can be reversed by providing the body with food that restores the ingredients necessary to return di-polarity and resolve the stagnated cell cycle. The molecular configuration of flax oil, with its two unsaturated fatty acid components composed of three pi-electron double bonds between atoms of the molecule is capable of transferring an immense amount of energy, allowing the body much greater assimilation and transport capacity of oxygen. This causes any tumors present to dissolve, and the range of symptoms indicating lack of di-polarity to disappear. Here is an excerpt from Johanna's research:

"The moment two unsaturated double links occur together in a fatty acid chain, the effects are multiplied and in the highly unsaturated fats, the so called "linoleic" acids, there is generated a field of electrons, a veritable electrical charge which can be quickly conducted off into the body, thus causing a recharging of the living substance –- especially of the brain and nerves. It is exactly those highly unsaturated fatty acids which play a decisive role in the respiratory functioning of the body. Without these fatty acids, the enzymes in the breath cannot function and we asphyxiate, even when given extra oxygen, as for example in hospitals. The lack of these highly unsaturated fatty acids paralyses many vital functions. Primarily, it cuts off the air we breathe."

Let the sun shine in

Johanna also investigated the relationship between fats, electrons, photons, and the solar energy from the sun. She was aware of the health giving energy of the sun and its effect on the body. This energy is in part due to the photons in sunlight which are the purest form of energy. People are meant to be in relationship with the sun as indicated by their high level of photons. This concentration of the sun's energy is improved when we eat electron rich food such as the flax oil, cottage cheese mixture which attracts the electromagnetic waves of sun beams.

According to Johanna, "Matter always has its own vibration, and so, of course, does the living body. The absorption of energy must correspond to one's own wave length." This is what makes the sun and the human body so compatible when the body is in proper condition to receive it. Once Johanna's patients were feeling better, they were instructed to sit in the sun and found it easily tolerated.

Johanna saw the electrons in the food we eat as our resonance system for the energy of the sun. She viewed the human body as an antenna for the sun and the interplay of the sun with the electrons in our food as the governing principal for all vital functions of the body.

What this research means for you

Most of the foods and almost all of the snacks of the American diet contain boiled or otherwise cooked oils, the oils that have lost their integrity and are unable to provide the life giving energy and oxygen transport essential to the proper functioning of your cells. If you have cancer now, have had it in the past, or wish to prevent it in the future, you must come to terms with this fact. Your doctor may tell you that what you eat has nothing to do with whether or not you are a victim of cancer. But nothing could be further from the truth.


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Barbara is a school psychologist, a published author in the area of personal finance, a breast cancer survivor using "alternative" treatments, a born existentialist, and a student of nature and all things natural.


Part II

by Barbara L. Minton
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(NaturalNews) The Budwig protocol is the food treatment and cure for cancer and other major debilitating diseases created by Dr. Johanna Budwig. It was designed for use with extremely ill and wasted cancer patients who had been sent home by their doctors to die. These were patients so ill that many were unable to take any food at all in the beginning, and had to be initially treated with enemas. The protocol is so simple that it can be tailored to fit whatever situation is encountered, from use with someone at death's door to use as a preventative and part of a healthy lifestyle. Part I this article reveals the Budwig protocol as the only well recognized and highly documented cure and prevention for cancer in existence today. In part II the mechanics of the protocol are elaborated and discussed.

There are only two essential foods in the protocol, flax oil and cottage cheese or some other sulphurated protein such as yogurt or kefir. The oil provides electron-rich fats, and the cottage cheese provides the sulphurated protein to bind with the oil and render it water soluble. In this state, the oil is able to carry immense amounts of oxygen straight into the cells. Cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygen rich environment.

Creating the mixture

The quality of these ingredients should be the best you can find. The flax oil should be organic and from the refrigerated section of a health food store. Flax oil that has lignans has added benefits. Do not buy flax oil capsules or non-refrigerated oil in bottles because it will almost undoubtedly be rancid and compromise what you are trying to do. The cottage cheese should be organic and low fat. Organic Valley is a very good brand if you can find it. There are others. Try to avoid Horizon Organic because its integrity has been compromised since its ownership by Walmart.

You may want to use a mixer to break up the curds and make sure the cottage cheese mixes completely with the oil. Or you can it in a cup and mash up the large curds with a spoon. it until there are no pools of oil standing in the cup. Then you will know that the mixture is now water soluble and able to enter into your cells. You can mix up a batch of this at one time. Although flax oil is highly volatile and can easily become rancid, once it is bonded with the cottage cheese it becomes stable.

The ratio is one tablespoon of oil with two tablespoons of cottage cheese. This translates to two tablespoons of oil with four tablespoons of cottage cheese and so on. If you are using yogurt or kefir you will need to double or triple the amount of it you use. If you want a creamier mixture you can add a bit of milk.

The mixture has a very pleasant taste. If you want to you can add some fruit or freshly squeezed juice, honey or herbs. Turmeric, cumin, dill or garlic along with some cayenne adds a flavor punch and added health benefits. If you are administering the mixture to someone who is very ill, it's best not to embellish it except with honey or fruit juice.

People who are suffering from chronic or terminal disease should work themselves up to consuming 6 to 8 tablespoons of the oil daily. Johanna noted that people with pancreatic or liver cancer need to work up very slowly and may need to start with only a teaspoon at first to allow for their bodies to adjust.

Many people who want to prevent cancer including many who have had cancer and want to prevent its returning add the mixture to their healthy, unprocessed, whole food diets, usually consuming it once a day for prevention and to prevent recurrence, and significantly more if their are active. Since this is not medicine but food, the amount taken is not strictly prescribed. Rather, it becomes an issue of assessing your health status as you go along. Others choose to use the guidelines of the Budwig diet described below while also continuing to use the mixture.

Treating the extremely ill

According to Johanna's protocol, patients too ill to consume the mixture at first were treated with a retention enema using ½ to 1 cup of oil daily. The patient would try to hold the oil for as long as possible, aiming for 15-20 minutes. When the patient retained enough strength to be fed by mouth, he was switched to the mixture. Johanna also used body rubs of oil on the very ill. She rubbed oil into the skin over the entire body, particularly on the armpits, breasts and groin where the lymphatic vessels were, and also on the affected organs or areas. The oil was left on the skin for about 15-20 minutes and then the body was sponged with warm water. The patient then rested for a short period while the warm water drove the last of the oil deeper into the opened pores of the body. This was followed by a soap and water sponge to clean up the oil.

When the patient regained the strength to eat, he was gradually given the mixture until he was able to consume about 8 ounces of it per day. No other nourishment was given during this period, with the exception of honey or freshly squeezed fruit juices which were given with the mixture. If this was too much for the patient, Johanna gave champagne, which is even more easily assimilated by the body than honey or juice.

As Johanna's patients improved and were able to tolerate more of the mixture, they entered a period of intense therapy lasting for an average of about 3 months. This period was then followed by a period of slowly declining amounts of the mixture as good health was regained.

As soon as her patients had achieved fortification with oil by mouth, they were told to sit in the sun for short periods.

Once the overt manifestations of the disease had vanished, Johanna insisted that her patients be kept on a maintenance dose to prevent recurrence. This would be the dose needed by a healthy person who wishes to prevent catastrophic disease, or a person whose cancer symptoms have disappeared. The maintenance dose prescribed by Johanna was one tablespoon of oil per one hundred pounds of body weight.

The Budwig Diet

Johanna also designed an eating plan that she recommended to all of her patients. The diet stressed fresh, whole foods. She advocated the avoidance of sugar, animal fats and meats, margarine, foods containing preservatives, and salad oils except for extra virgin olive oil. These foods lower the voltage field in the cells.

The diet emphasizes freshly squeezed vegetable juices such as carrot, celery and red beet. Johanna also insisted that her patients drink three cups of warm tea each day, preferably peppermint or rose hips. One of these cups could be black tea.

Here is the outline of her daily plan:

Before breakfast – a glass of cultured milk or sauerkraut juice is taken

Breakfast – Muesli (a cereal) is overlaid with 2 tablespoons of flax oil along with honey and fresh fruit in season. Nuts may be added.

Mid morning – glass of fresh carrot juice, apple celery, or beet juice.

Lunch – Green salad or other raw vegetables which can be dressed with some of the mixture. Ground horseradish, chives or parsley may be added. Steamed vegetables, potatoes, or grains such as brown rice, buck-wheat or millet may also be served. Add the mixture to baked potatoes for an exceptionally filling meal. Fresh fruit for dessert.

Afternoon tea – a small glass of natural wine (no preservative) or champagne or fresh fruit juice with 1-2 tablespoons of honey coated flax seeds.

Dinner – Have a hot meal using oat cakes, or grits from buckwheat. Grits can be added to vegetable soup, or done in the form of cakes with herbal sauce. Sauces and soups can be sweetened only with honey or grape juice.

The mixture may be taken throughout the day, added to the meals or in between them. Flax seeds may also be eaten at any time. They can be cracked in a food processor or ground in a coffee grinder.

Johanna also had a recipe for a mayonnaise that could be used with food in place of the mixture. Here it is:

Mix together 2 tablespoons flax oil, 2 tablespoons milk, and 2 tablespoons yogurt. Add 2 tablespoons lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, and 1 teaspoon mustard. Add herbs such as marjoram or dill as you choose. Then add 2 or 3 slices of pickles chopped up (use only pickles from a health food store with no preservative). Herbal salts may be added.

For optimal health after you have recovered from cancer or to prevent it, this diet or variations based on plant based eating and avoidance of processed foods should continue for the rest of your life.

Johanna's research and clinical findings

Johanna published a wealth of research and clinical findings. Only three of her books have so far been translated into English. They are available at Amazon.com and other online retailers. For more information about her diet plan, see the book The Oil Protein Diet Cook Book.

Sources used in these articles and recommended for your further education are:




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Barbara is a school psychologist, a published author in the area of personal finance, a breast cancer survivor using "alternative" treatments, a born existentialist, and a student of nature and all things natural.