9 March 2011


Hello, we are pleased to be here and to be speaking to all of you in this way,
We are the Time Lords.
We come to speak to all of you in this way and at this to bring upliftments, they are in order.

We wish to exonerate your of the truth of the matter at hand, the truth of this timing upon the for all to witness the beauty of order, of simplicity and of the natural cycles of !

You have been witness to many uprisings upon the earth at this time and will so this day forward as well. We wish to bring comfort to this chaotic time upon the Earth and to let you know deep in your hearts that this is your time to rise, peoples of the Earth this is your time to rise into your natural abilities!

Yes and so the call has gone out and many are now at this moment ready to move forward, ready to allow the truth to be revealed to all of you in your conscious awareness, this is of such importance for this conscious awareness is reaching all of you to enliven your ability to be a one people again.

This time upon the earth has now entered a new era, a new era of Peace and Abundance for all, for all beings and all life forms upon this sphere.

We the Time lords are yes connected to the Mayans, for they held the purposes of this time upon the earth and have kept the codements alive to be revealed at this specific instant.

All time is coded and is set up in this realm to be a natural process, to be a natural process that is connected to all that is and to the as well.

We set forth to be involved within this realm to help make order from this chaotic time that is to be fulfilled in your moments upon this Earth as of the time that is upon you..

We speak to each and everyone of you that now is your time to shine forth all the gifts that you have brought to this realm.

To unfold your gifts to make peace, to make freedom and to allow the manifestation of the dear memories in your heart of what is to be upon this world, the light, the truth and the love of all beings in form to now become your reality.

It is in this instant your choice to be One with this, as you know this in your heart, it is your wisdom to accept and make it your reality.

We would say to make it your reality is not so much a challenge, but an allowing of yourself to be at peace with this process, to be at one with it in your Now!

We exonerate all in these fields and see you as you are in truth, beloved beings who have great wisdom and knowledge to share here!

To bring forth all your dreams of this time and allow them to be fulfilled!
Let the joy of this time be in your forefront, wash away the pain of it being at a future date. All time is collapsing into this moment and from here all change is in an instant.

We are with you in the natural cycles of life here; We are with you in the flow of nature, the flow of breath and life…

Speak kindly to yourself and know in truth you are beyond all problems, you have the solutions within each of you, relax and enjoy your moments for in that you bring the dawn of peace to this dear World!

We say to you, be what you came to do!

And watch the tide turn in your favor, for we are all here to lend a hand in this unravel and are so pleased to see this in your nows…

We speak in a way of gentle opening of your hearts to embrace your glory and awareness of the great light within each of you.

Bring forth the puzzle pieces, so as to create the patchwork of a new field of reality and trust that it is done in the now..

Be at peace and remind yourself what this is all about, remember the order of the universe, it is returning to your beloved earth to Exonerate all!

We see you there in that remembrance and ignite this field for Love and Truth and Honor of all that is sacred, which is Life!

Be at One,
We thank you…

Ray Dawn

copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Feel free to re-post as long as credit is given to channel and her website is included, Thanks and Blessings!