I don't know whether this is genuine… The introduction below is bereft of the links and so I cannot confirm these things. But I hope it's genuine.

It began with a report three weeks ago of a UFO fleet being seen by witnesses as it moved over 's before the individual fanned out across the area. This event was reported in all seriousness by no less than 's main government agency, Xinhua (see their article here and our article here). Western Media steadfastly refused to report the event. The US based "UFO industry" also chose to completely ignore or suppress any information regarding this event, seemingly regarding it as unimportant: This publication was the sole English language outlet that ran a story on this occurrence.
Shortly after, we covered further sightings in Japan (see articles here and here). There was no doubt about it, UFO activity in Japan was unprecedented and something was happening in the area. For two weeks now our website's front page headline has stated " awash with UFO and alien events". In a subsequent article we asked: "The question now on the minds of many Japanese citizens is, if indeed these craft are of extraterrestrial origin, what do they want from Japan?"
Numerous in Japan continue to be made, right up to this moment, and are still being ignored by the West. We just received a second witness's footage of the UFO fleet seen a week ago (see first video below) and close-up footage of what appears to be one of the craft originally seen above Mt Fuji