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Sunday, 20 March, 2011

enters Aries on March 20th, 2011 @ 7:21 pm EST, announcing the Vernal- in the northern hemisphere and ushering in the astrological New Year. This day is celebrated as the Return of Light for the vernal equinox marks the point where the days and nights are of equal length, with the days continuing to build in duration and the nights shortening their span, until the time of the in June. It is during the vernal equinox that we seed our intentions for the following year and the energies presenting at the point of the Sun’s annual ingress of Aries lends a snapshot look of the trends and tones for the subsequent 3 month period leading to the .

The Vernal Equinox of 2011′s stand-out feature is the occupation of the Aries Point by both the Sun and . transits Aries every 84 years and while some of the previous cycles within the past few hundred years have found conjunct the Vernal Equinox Sun at Aries Point within a few degree’s, this is the first Vernal Equinox to occur since the year 1425 that both the Sun and Uranus are exactly on the Aries Point together. What an amazing treat to be gifted with this year as the Sun, our and conscious Self, blends with Uranus, the initiator of Awakenings!


The beginning of June 2010 brought the much anticipated conjunction of and Uranus on the Aries Point. By the time the -Uranus conjunction occurred last summer the Sun had already made his annual journey through Aries. Now we have the Sun transiting the point that the merging of -Uranus seeded with expansive and radically different potentials last June, and as the Sun crosses the Aries Point, the infusion of the Sun’s rays will bring to life the potentials of the -Uranus conjunction of last year. Uranus, already upon 1°Aries, will enhance the vitality that the Sun brings to this degree by hastening the bursting forth of dynamic, new life force expressions. A quickening is most definitely at hand! Mars will further activate this sensitive degree, catalyzing further developments, when he moves into Aries the beginning of April.

The 2011 Vernal Equinox chart suggests we are entering a rather busy period with the Sun, , Jupiter and Uranus all within initiating Aries and the Moon, Saturn and Pluto all within action-oriented signs. A strong emphasis is placed upon Fire and Air which will supply plenty of inspiration and mental stimulation. With Pluto the only planet to represent Earth, practical matters will seem less appealing and there is a lack of naturally grounding therefore the tendency towards nervousness, or feelings of not being totally in one’s body, is increased. Practices that serve to anchor one’s self into the root chakra and spending time connecting with can help with this tremendously! Both Mars and are within Water yet the here too is somewhat lacking and indicates that we will not be likely to experience the more pronounced levels of emotionality that characterized the past weeks during our multi-planet Pisces emphasis. Many are likely to welcome the emotional reprieve, I think!

Elsewhere in this equinox chart we find Saturn and the Moon in Libra are just slightly separated from conjunction. Across the chart in Aries we find the conjunction of Sun-Uranus as well as the recent separation of Mercury from Jupiter. Saturn in Libra is still applying to the next exact opposition with Jupiter and the Moon is applying tightly to opposition with Mercury while the oppositions from Sun-Uranus to Moon-Saturn are quite wide. These Aries to Libra oppositions imply a need to temper the enthusiasm for, and expansion of, one’s self-interests with the responsible attendance of one’s own security-related and emotionally based needs as well as meeting those same said needs, or being considerate of these needs, in those whom we embrace as our family and partners. While it may seem that common sense would dictate the need for such balancing at all times, Aries can nevertheless incite a “Me First!” drive, so I suppose it never hurts to be reminded of, and to instill a reminder to self, of the need to extend to others what you wish to be extended unto you.

Onto another note specifically involving the opposition between Aries and Libra sectors and specifically the energies exchanging between Saturn, the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter. While Saturn-Moon can provide a stabilizing of the emotional body and other Moon represented matters such as family, hearth and home, past-related situations/issues etc., it also indicates a more serious, possibly even depressive emotional disposition and outlook with the oppositional Mercury-Jupiter involvement. Effects are more personal in nature and will vary widely dependent on individual placements, conditions and how well one deals with stress. For those that feel the depressive nature of these influences was not built in a day” comes to mind, so kindly allow yourself the breaks you need to rejuvenate while remembering that though our most rewarding creations  most often require much initial effort there does come a point where you reach the apex and then a coasting-through becomes more the order of the day. :)

Onward to the co-rulers of Aries Point, Mars in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn, which are separating by Quintile. This quintile suggests a recently well-developed skill or talent that is of importance to one’s new endeavors. With the applying square between the Sun-Uranus to Pluto in Capricorn I would suspect this ‘skill or talent’ to surface more fully in expression as the Sun forms the exact square to Pluto in about a week and in April when Mars crosses the Aries Point and again aspects Pluto by square.

Lastly! A look to Venus shows her sitting quite graciously in Aquarius as she moves towards conjunction with Neptune while forming a beautiful trine with the Moon and a sextile to Mercury. I am really liking this feel of Venus here for she appears to smooth out and tone down some of the more erratic and abrasive tones in this Equinox chart. Her reminder for us I feel, as she poses cool as a cucumber, is to remember when feeling harried or pessimistic to stop and smell those roses!, take the moments to exchange a kind and loving missive or words with another of like need and to continue to believe in the dream that oneself and humanity can and will rise to our Highest Expressions of Love.

With Blessings and Love~Kachina Houska

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