A newly discovered 37-minute video shows Meyer walking around his dune buggy showing and describing the different components that make his purported water-fueled .

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems


Today Matt Imber brought to my attention a video that has surfaced showing a 1992 interview with Stanley Meyer, who is famous for allegedly powering a dune buggy with water through an onboard process that allegedly converted water in small amounts into a fuel that could run the vehicle.  The 37-minute clip shows the vehicle from many angles, the key components, how they work, and it gives Meyer's personal ambitions with the , both to commercialize it into an affordable retrofit kit, and what he plans to do with the proceeds.

Six years later, Meyer was poisoned in a restaurant; standing and saying, "I've been poisoned", before falling over dead.

The video that surfaced for the first time on a couple of weeks ago is accompanied by a statement to the effect that threats have been received, so feel free to copy and disseminate the video to prevent its disappearance.  We therefore uploaded a copy of it, which we downloaded from http://www.globalkast.com/

As a free energy newsman, I know a little about a lot, so I'm not intimate to all that's out there on Stanley Meyer, but it seemed to me that this video contained some great info that could help those out there who have been trying to replicate the technology.  It's a good overview of the technology and of the man and his team.

They were talking about soon going into production with a retrofit kit for vehicles, which would only cost $1500 and would enable them to run on water; and another kit for large trucks, that would cost less than $5000.  Meyer held out a device that would replace the spark plug, and would contain the reaction chamber for turning water into the ionized gas.

In one facility, he was expecting that 11,000 units could be built in one 24-hour period.

In the retrofit, he envisioned just using the to hold the water.  I wasn't impressed by Meyer's explanation of how the water is kept from freezing in frigid temperatures.  He seemed to have a clever method to keep the tank from freezing using very , but that wouldn't work for the lines.

A bit of a red flag went up for me when he talked about using the proceeds of sales to evangelize Christianity to the world.  And he emblazons "Jesus is Lord" on the side of his car, next to "Water Powered Car".  People often put their brains in a jar when they think someone is a "good Christian," turning the endeavor into one of faith, rather than science or business.  They open themselves to being steamrollered with a great story and charisma without doing sufficient due diligence.

Here's the video.

In a World Puja interview that Steven Greer and Ted Loder of the Orion Project did on January 28, they reported that their bid to procure the Stanley Meyer collection ended up being declined, and went to another party.  I phoned Dr. Loder to ask who the bid went to, but he said that this info was not disclosed.

About six months ago, someone I know (whose name most of you would recognize) told me he recently was working with the actual Stanley Meyer collection and got it to operate, saying "it does work."  He also told me a few things about it, which went over my head.  So somewhere, someone apparently is making good headway on this.  We'll post more news as it breaks.

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