March 24, 2011

It must be very obvious to the people who have been carefully following the news of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant accident. There is a very close relationship between water and . Through water, spreads out, at the same time, water is the matter that can prevent the spread of .

Now, they are pumping sea water and clear water to the plants in order to prevent the spread of radioactive substances, risking the lives of self defense personnel and firefighters who have to get very close to the .

However, they already detected radioactive matters in the water of water treatment plant in . I think water molecules underground and in the atmosphere quickly carried the of radiation. I don’t know the mechanism of it since I’m not a specialist and I have never studied nuclear . However as a person who has been studying hado I had an intuition. I thought the reason why these two are connected was because they both exist based on hado characteristics.

Originally, when I talk about the realm of hado I base my theory on the results of experiment on water. We observe the relationship between two subtle vibrations on the elementary particle level in which the smallest unit of matter exist. This realm is beyond atomic realm. The result shows in the form of resonance or non-resonance.

And I have been able to prove that the realm of water and human consciousness have a very close relationship since both of them are what we call hado, though my technique might not have been completely acceptable scientifically.

The methods I have used are such as water crystal photographic technology or creating and applying hado water which can heal human body.

Therefore I think it is possible to find a countermeasure against this kind of accident. I could just apply the principle of hado I have been studying for 20 years.

It is the crystal photograph of water when the radiation leak accident happened at JOC research institute in Tokai village, Ibaraki prefecture in October, 1999.

A member of our Hado membership group happened to live close to the site, only 400 meters away. She was very concerned about water there and sent us a sample of well water of her backyard. We froze the water immediately and took a picture of frozen sample. The result shows a very ghoulish looking image that we have never seen. I am certain that it had an effect of radiation.

I wondered how we could eliminate the radiation, and tried to apply certain information onto this water by using hado measuring device which also has a function to imprint information. Then, we took a photograph again.

The spooky looking image turned into a very beautiful diamond like crystal.

You might ask what kind of information was imprinted. It was the MRA code number B222. This is the code for improving immunity. Back then, I did not fully understand the meaning of immunity or self healing capacity. But, after further research, I realized that immunity arises from the state of having no stress. In other words, when one’s body is filled with the information of love and gratitude, one can have perfect immunity. That means the information of radiation is the completely opposite one, I would assume.

The opposite of love is hatred, and the opposite of gratitude is resentment. The information of radiation is the lump of negative energies, hatred and resentment. Once we know that, we don’t have to be afraid of radiation. In order to cope with radiation, we only have to have feelings of love and gratitude.

There is another example to prove my theory.

There was a huge radiation leak in April 1986 at in region which is a part of former . It is the worst nuclear accident in the world. Over 9000 people have lost their lives.

There was a village about 100 kilometers away from the site, and Alexy and 50-plus elderly people lived there. After the accident, the government ordered all the people living there to evacuate from the nearby villages. However, Alexy and 50-plus elderly people refused to move.

The officers from the government brought a radiation measuring instrument to show the high value of radiation. But still, they were not willing to move. Then, they said “we have that water spring. It has been protecting us for over 100 years.” The officers measured the water there, and found no radiation. It is a true story. It is told that those people still live there happily.

Why that particular spring did not get contaminated by the radiation? It must have been the power of love and gratitude. People live there had been offering their love and gratitude to the water of that spring since over 100 years before.

So, as long as you have the feeling of love and gratitude, you don’t have to be afraid of radiation.

Of course it is important to listen to the suggestions of government and experts first. And it is good to follow their guidance if you can afford to do so. But for those who cannot, I would suggest to stick the picture below, or write the words “love and gratitude” on a bottle that contains water. Of course, it is better to put your intention when you do it