God said:

You are so distracted by your humanness that you slide over your divinity. I would say holiness rather than divinity, but, then, your eyes would glaze over. That&;s how unbelievable it is to you that you have even an inkblot of holiness anywhere in you. “Holiness, for God&;s sakes,” your mind would say, “are You kidding?” The word spirituality you could believe in somewhat, to some degree. You could believe you have an inkblot of it. You have seen traces of your spirituality, but Heaven&;s no, not your holiness. Your humanness dances on the screen of your life to such an unholy degree that it takes precedence over — .

Your life is like a beautifully made bed with a colorful bedspread in luscious materials, with tassels and ruffles all over it to catch your eye. Whose eyes are going to go to the marvelous mattress underneath the overall bedspread even though, after all, it is the mattress that supports the whole of you during the night you spend there under the covers? The underlying of where you lie down goes unnoticed and mostly unexplored or not even thought of.

You dally on the bedspread. It is rich and intricate with so many engaging possibilities. The underlying basis is more like the strong silent type. If your life were a movie of the old West, the spiritual basis of you would be the who says little but “Yup.”

You know there is holiness when you look up at the sky. You know there is holiness in the sun, the trees, the leaves. You know there is holiness in a new baby, a flower. You know there is grace. You know there are blessings. You have felt them. You have given them.

You have yourself been a blessing. Don’t be so quick to say, “No, I haven’t.” You have been a blessing, and you have been blessed, and now, will you gear yourself up to recognize more of the blessedness in you, those around you, your friends, business acquaintances, and those you have yet to meet?

Do you not know that your dance in life is like a Virginia Reel, and everyone meets in a destined spiritual manner? There is no clandestined, beloveds. There is destined. At the right note, you meet your partner on the dance floor, even when he is your partner for only one whirl. Everyone who comes to you or you go to — it is not an accident. An accident is not an accident.

The fire that burns in your heart and soul arranges things, arranges everything. Even when you are late, beloveds, you are on schedule.

I use the word destined. This does not mean that you are to lean back and lie in your hammock. What is destined you are destining at every moment. Your destiny is not marked in stone. You, the human being, the combination of human being and Holy Being that you are, you direct your destiny at every moment. You are the destiner of your own life and, therefore, your own fate. You destined that you would be an angel walking on Earth disguised as what you might call a mere human being. There is nothing mere about being a human being, unless you mean to say that you are a mere miracle.

Every second on this manifested journey you are on is a splendiferous miracle. You are the miracle-maker. Never was there a human being just like you ever before and nor will there be again. How miraculous is that? At the same time that you are one in an infinite number of possibilities, you were meant to be. You were meant to walk on Earth planting flowers, leaving pebbles of beauty and light. Your specialty is your holiness that you see as flimsy when it is, without question, the solid making of you.