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We have instructed this one here [Kauilapele] to quiet the mind and in to Higher Realms as we have a that must come through now. That is our first step. Now we wait until this one is ready…

This one is ready. The time is come.

How there are many paths to follow, and there will be many new possibilities to continue ascending growth paths. Follow the Higher from us. We are communicating more and more directly to you as ascent into the next levels must take place before the end of this year. There are no other ways around it.

Time has accelerated, meaning passage is faster and faster with each passing day, hour, minute, second. As much is being accomplished in minutes as was formerly requiring days. And the time quickening continues.

We do encourage each of you to follow more “attentively”, shall we say, and keep openness to messages received and willingness to follow instructions at peak levels. There are continental and ocean changes that will be visible, in some cases. In others, you will be unaware of outer changes, but well aware, after missions completed, that a great change in energetic structures have been completed. These are the more important because all visible changes follow only after energetic patterns have first been established and lightly anchored into the planet.

Some are called for afar distance travels and others need go nowhere except to be flexible in mind and go where called, in Spirit. Some already understand their calls and others already are there and others will in future weeks be moved to move and stay places they have never been.

Some of these may require a physical movement and we mean a move of residence. For those we recommend that a lightening of household loads (furniture and belongings) take place. These are only recommendations. Details will also be provided when one asks for them. Guidance will be short and sweet and sometimes even good to eat. That was our attempt at humor! Ha.

This one is being asked to refrain from reading until after we are finished. Thank you.

So finally we may tell you that some rather LARGE in volume and appearance changes in ALL Earth structures and we mean more than physical we mean political financial weather and other will occur. All at once. all at once, all at once, it will seem these are upon you. There are many underlying changes that are continuing to occur, and these have been going on for the past 3 years. Yet this undercurrent of continuous changes are not what we refer to at this time. Much larger and much more visible changes on many levels will come forth into visibility and we ask that you remain in your center, and keep well-grounded to whichever planetary location you may be.

With this we say, Blessings and Guidance to all of you.

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