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April 5th, 2011
Channeled by , M.A.
A New State of Passion

I am SeRenShitha, Selamat Gajun. Selamat Ja.
Our time has come to share more. I know that earthquakes are a centerpiece of why our work together has become known and we have allowed this to happen. We will continue in that fashion as we see fit and will provide precise data next time we give a prediction. Each session flows as it is supposed to, so please do not expect what will “be&; even for the end of this one session – it can always change, and as you fully understand your own expectation can add qualities to the reading content which are not accurate. I may provide data about the next earthquake or I may not – your contained ability is to remain focused. I know we chose the right person in you for various reasons and we have tested those purposeful executions previously with success.

I am SeRenShitha.
There are innumerable more souls contacting us at this time and it is truly a joyous site to behold. There are now millions of beings feeling our presence and Word at this time and the lightstream we see each hour is literally magnificent! You may take next steps at any time – this is to the general “you” for all who read this. There will be many new readers, by arrangement, and I wish to provide more in this way:

We are here. We, from the of Light, Enterprise, and the Galactic all are indeed floating around your planet at this very moment and We have never left you even once.

Is it so hard to believe? Most of your Religious texts hold clues to Our nature. We have left clues and monuments, you can feel us in your dreams and meditations. There are projected rumblings worldwide as we announce this message and not one of you can describe them to a scientific precision, yet you question Us! It is indeed ironic.

I am talking to YOU. If you surely felt a notice, then indeed you have felt Our presence. I recognize this very statement will infuriate the non-believers and that is ok. They will have another time and place to find information; it is just as well that they leave because the feeling of malice and hatred is one which keeps the soul entrenched in the 4th dimension. If you are angry upon reading this, then look elsewhere.

I am SeRenShitha of star cluster Sirius. You, of Earth planet, will lay your eyes upon me in your very, very near future, as I am One of Us who will make the journey. It is not satisfying to incarnate in the 4th dimension, as you are now, and it takes effort – similar to your channelers’ efforts to contact us. It is not enjoyable but it is time. I am SeRenShitha and I say you should watch out for three – a tri-fold unitary event: The collapse of a major Religious monument in the region – a wall, the reinvention of a military dictator – for peace, the collapse of the world’s economic markets to be replaced immediately with freeflow currency – for unanimity.

Embrace the loss of competition so that you all may share in a unified vision. Be not afraid of the tied-together information, as once there is justice there will be no further need for country borders and individual persuasions. You will all keep your person and your family and your friends and your relatives and the native self, but what will change is your purpose for knowing. These exceptional changes will allow a unified purpose in advancement and change. Imagine and embrace the vision, will for it to be and envision it as already done – the state of one people, humanity, one world, Earth planet, and a unification of technology so that all will partake in it avoiding the suppression of said technologies. Imagine clean and available unlimited source energy. Imagine peacefulness by nature, not by guilt or force – an oxymoron. I am SeRenShitha and you will soon know my name.
Selamat Gajun, Selamat Ja!

Source: Intuitive Choice