22 April 2011     Channeler:  Linda Robinson

"Maintaining A Calm Center"

April 2011

Greetings My Beloved Ones,

I greet you in and Light.

The path of ascension is composed of many types of experiences. It can be composed of the highest levels of joy and peace, and it can also be filled with changes that lead to challenges and opportunities for personal growth and compassion for others. These changes may be on a personal, regional, global or universal level. Whatever the situation, it is a time to stop, assess and send Love and Light for the highest and best for yourself and for all concerned.

In the midst of swirling energies and changes around you, staying centered and focused can often be a challenge. It is in those times that you can draw upon reserves of accumulated practice of meditation and other practices of focusing, calming and centering. It is in these times when you can remember that All Is One and that whatever part you play in maintaining your own personal focus can be of great assistance to others as well as to yourself.

As the ascension process continues and changes occur, try to view each change with compassion for all involved. Changes can be very challenging, especially when they bring very real physical and emotional hardships. These challenges are not to be taken lightly. Very often one’s very core of Being is undergoing change, and this can be hard for everyone involved.

As these changes occur, it is important to remain as centered as possible. This can help you move through the challenges as smoothly as possible.

You have within you a still point that remains constant. This is your connection to All That Is. This is your Divine Spark. It is the part of you that can bring a sense of stability when everything around you is changing. This is the part of you that is real. It is pure God and Light. It is the part of you that continues whether you are on the Earth plane or in the higher dimensions. When you are focused on this part of your Being, you are connected with the real you. Circumstances around you do not change your Divine Spark. It cannot be destroyed by physical life circumstances. It is the part of you that can bring comfort and hope in the midst of change.

When you are attuned to your Divine Spark, you are tapping into the still point within. The more that you focus on your Divine Spark, the stronger your still point grows until it encompasses and envelops your entire Being. You become a center of peace and harmony. Your calmness and love begin to ripple out from you into all that surrounds you, just as ripples radiate from a pebble dropped into a lake. You become an agent of positive calming as your Love and Light move from your Divine Spark and still point and radiate out into all directions.

The calmness that radiates from your still point can affect not only those in your immediate surroundings but can radiate out into the Universe and Omniverse. The more you focus on your Divine Spark, the stronger your still point becomes, and the more peace and calmness you radiate out. This will assist you, humanity, the planet, the Universe and the Omniverse.

As more and more of you make a conscious effort to tune into your still point, the greater the effect will be. When this effect reaches critical mass, it can help to propel all beings to a higher vibration and to move more smoothly through times of change. Beloveds, never underestimate what the power of one person focusing on the still point within can accomplish. Your energy can inspire, lift and transform all energy around you.

Begin with intentional focus on the Divine Spark within your . Feel the love that resides there. You may notice that as you focus on this love, you are becoming calmer, and you tap into the still point within. This is the link to the Source of All Creation and All That Is. The more often you tap into this stillness, the stronger it becomes. It reaches a point where it grows and expands until it becomes a transmuting and transforming power that changes your entire Being. You are now radiating this calmness in all directions. You are a center of calmness for yourself, all of humanity, the planet, the Universe, the Omniverse and all levels beyond.

If there are situations that occasionally disturb your calmness, you may call on us for our assistance. You can also surround the situation with the Violet Flame for transmutation and transformation and then see the situation filled with the sparkling white Light of Love from the Creator. Remember to ask for your greatest good and the greatest good of all.

Beloveds, you are needed to tap into, increase and radiate your loving calmness. We applaud you for performing this vital function for yourself and all others. You may call on us to assist you whenever needed. We are only a thought or a whisper away.

Know that you are greatly loved.

I AM Archangel Zadkiel

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