04/16/2011 at 6:49 pm (Adama, Celestia, Healing Emotions, Lemuria, Love, Mu, Telos)

This is and Celestia.

We hold a space, a vibration, of peace for , always.  But we hold it out solid right now, because we have such cause to be happy.  We are always holding love, and now we hold it out even further, even more bright, even more bold.  We love to push just a little bit further the extent of which our vibration we are holding will reach.  We can hold it out no more further than we are this moment.  We are all in so in love with you, with this planet.  Hold for yourselves the same love we hold for this planet.

We are rising, rising!  Look forward to peace, and light, and love.  Hold this resonance of love within your hearts.  Set the globe on fire with your love.  By kindling just a little bit of light, it goes a LONG way.

This is in essence what we have to share with your right now.   yourselves, all life.   all the creations that didn’t “turn out right.”  Peel back every corner where you feel sadness and charge it with joy.  Lift loose the sadness or fear, tear free all the things that hold you back from who you are.

This is the message we have for you today.  Thank you.