Lately Adama is giving me short messages very potent with Light.  He is calling me to speak more frequently, and to start gradually speaking more publicly too.  If you would like to sign up for a newsletter on events surrounding Telos, the words of Adama, and New Earth, visit and see the sign-up box at the bottom of the page.  -Erin

I AM Adama. And we are blessing you now in a vibration that is harmonious with Spirit, harmonious with the Light, and resonant in your healing hearts. As all hearts are becoming one, we share this healing that is beyond the scope of the imagination. It's far wider than anyone can see with their third eye or with their heart. If you move into a new or being, you cannot in your present state begin to recognize it all – it's foreign to you.

This , this New Light, is strange for you. It is Light, and it is new, and as you welcome the Light fully into yourself, and it illuminates the dark shadows in your presence, you can start to heal. And as the shadows begin to fall away, and new coalesces within, your very personality will begin to shift. This is no small process. An entire personality change is not an easy thing to accomplish, but as you do so and allow the Light to penetrate, your Source will begin to structure your and heal where the Light has been negated. Heal all those pieces where you were in sorrow or shame or pity, or anything unpleasant. Let it flow through your system, and as you allow, you will slowly begin to shift, one bit a time, and you will recover from every bit of sorrow you've ever experienced. I AM Adama, from Telos, and we honor your choices, we love you, and send you our healing as we move along through our own journey. So be it. Namaste.