I Am Adama of Telos.  I bring harmony and peace and give it to you, to rest with in your current alignment and , however you may be.  There is a lot of pressure for to be what is so often called "in alignment" with harmony and peace and the general welfare of the earth.  But you are already in alignment with peace, as you are right now, in your current state of mind, no how it may appear externally…

The made you with a Purpose.  You have fulfilled that purpose exactly to a tee.  The requires nothing of you more than this, more than what you have already expressed in your lifetime here on this planet and in the many other lifetimes you have enjoyed.  So I offer you the peace of knowing this, that your alignment is sure and settled.

It it not so much a matter of "finding alignment" in the external world to make your inner world more at rest – this is the illusion.  You are already One.  You are already at peace within yourselves, already in alignment.   not and you will not be judged – a saying you are all familiar with but which is seldom used to the fullest extent it was meant when spoken by Jesus so many years ago.  It points to a more so than a way to change your thoughts to something better.

We are this recognition, it moves through us thoroughly as we embody the grace that Jesus presented.  This is not a lesson in becoming a better person – it is saying, "Wait, there's more here, more to us.  More to us than we thought there was."  This is the true spirit of divinity within you, not a purpose, but an exact knowing, a feeling-sense that transcends accountability, it is courage to be yourself nakedly and without hesitation declaring, "I Am One with the , just as I Am," and knowing it, deep down, on a gut level.  There is no prerequisite, you don't have to do anything to acquire this knowledge – you simply have to exist as it.  "In alignment" means, "as you are."  With nothing attached.

This is the true state where all things can happen in joy, because nothing is hindering it.  If you can just get rid of all the "pictures" in your mind about who you think you are or who you should be, you could begin to find out the actual !  You are good, and you were made in the perfect image of the God who created you, whose residence is still within your heart.

So make that a reality, this knowing "I Am," and manifest the peace and blessings you so desire.  

I AM Adama. Namaste.