~ AA Michael's message 4~19~11~
Source: WWW.Angels-Heaven.org

Beloved Ones, I greet you in great joy and peace from the celestial heavens. As events continue to unfold before you in your daily lives and all around you on the planet, remain steadfast. Stay grounded.

There are many things being worked upon both b…ehind the scenes and in front of your eyes, that you can no longer deny the truth about what is occuring. Whilst there is many trying to cover up the truths from leaking out, it has been put on hold for too long and now by Divine Decree, it will all be forced out into the , about how you have all been manipulated and controlled through dogma, religious twistings and the so called rules and laws made up by the Elite governments who have been governening and manipulating mankind into wars, genocides, and hatred of one another through religious diversity, creating problems and trying to offer solutions which in turn create more problems.

As you can see, it has gone through so many cycles, it must be very intriguing for you all to realise this as you step back and look at it. Take Heart beloved souls, and have , the battle of the dark is already won, all you have to do now, is bring forth the changes you want.

Action, with . Allow yourselves, to fill up with the Divine , follow the promptings to action, with your heads held high, because you have all worked so hard for this.

Finally you are able to step out of the darkness, from behind the shadows and reveal your light, now is the time to call forth your true self. True Action from a base of love is never violent, it is non judgemental, yet seeks for the highest good for all.

You are all One with the Divine, you are one with one another, this simple truth is the realisation that you work together in bringing foward the highest good from . In doing this you help yourselves create the new higher ways of living, new technologies, unfolding of truths and so on.. I Am always here to be asked for assistance, I Am here working with you, by your sides. With Confidence and purpose we ever drive[ TRANSFORM] the dark so that the light shines forth, so that you may be able to move fowards to the next phase of your existence, that the final call of will be attained.

All of you beloved Souls will ascend at some point in time. All of you will go forth into the next phase of your paths. How you go about it and how long it takes you, is entirely dependent upon you and the choices you make. There is no wrong or right. There is no judgment from us or Creator. We simply wait for your choices to be made plain, and guide you as is best from the place you are at. All of you are now remembering who you truely are, Divine sparks of the Prime Creator, incarnated into physical form.

As you ascend up the ladder you will become more aware of the power and love contained within each spark. And that you are all truely Co-Creators. With the ever increasing awareness comes a greater responsibility upon yourselves individually and collectively. Learn now all you can about this, soon you will have great need of that as you go forwards. We look forwards to having you back in the higher dimensions with us again, it is indeed glorious! With love and gratitude, I AM MICHAEL