11 April 2011 Snapdragon Tracy

When there is a such as this, when things come together in so many ways, energetically, numerically, and with , there are openings, gaps, tears in your 3 dimesional world.

These openings may always be there to some extent, but when things align as they are , they become portals.

Portals between dimensions.

If things have been quiet on the spiritual path these past few days, it has been in preparation for this day of openings.

Those of you who are who anchor divine love and light into the earth may have had a difficult few days leading up to today as the earth has drawn from you the required to open these portals.

There are 12 main portals in your dimension which correspond to geographical locations on your planet.

Each month this year on the 11th, you will find a corresponding portal opening and stabilizing. The double 11s (11 being a master number) form pillars, which along with the energies present and planetary alignments prop open these portals.

You can tell which area of the world contains the portal corresponding to each month, based on the reactions of gaia in that area, like last month in , and today, in the USA.

These reactions in each area can involve , weather, mass awakenings or poliitcal change.

Expect the next two weeks to be eventful, spiritully, globally, environmentally, and for us as well, as everything adjusts to this new opening between the dimensions.

Not only does this open your dimension to those higher, but also the lower dimensions to yours.

Ground crews have been prepared and on watch for this moment and are diligently guarding these openings.

These changes are necessary to bring about earths ascension and each month the energy required will become greater.

This message is from the Arcturian high council on behalf of the GFL and all beings of light.