I would like to have discourse with you on the quality of Love called alchemy. Each time there is a challenge in your path, there is presented to you a choice, and it requires for you to make a choice for either the expression of that which you are not, or, choosing to transmute this tendency into that of Love. This is alchemy, Ones. When each of you are presented with any type of challenge whilst in your daily life, there is always the opportunity to change the human feeling into that of a higher feeling and this is known as alchemy.

Alchemy involves the conscious use of your mind, thoughts and feelings to create something higher or better. Where there is discord, the process of applying alchemy creates peace. Where there is hatred, the application of alchemy creates forgiveness. Where there is anger, practicing the process of alchemy turns it into harmony. In every moment, there is an opportunity to change the lead of the feelings and thoughts of the lower vibrations into the gold of higher Love. Each of you practices this quality on a and most of the time you do not apply this name to what you are doing but it is the correct application for Ones who are on the Path to Ascension.

All that is of the lower vibrations is now in the process of being transmuted into its higher counterpart. Everywhere upon the , there is being presented great opportunities to bring healing and closure in every aspect of life upon your Planet which has caused so much pain, suffering and strife to Humanity for millennia . All of this is in the process of alchemy, Dear Ones, and is being changed by each of you in each choice that you make to be the Light that you are rather than reacting from a lower feeling or thought. Humanity as a whole is being presented with a stupendous gift at this time in the evolution of the and all upon Her. For with the higher that are now pouring down upon the atmosphere, there can be no denying of each person’s responsibility to manifest on the level of their Divine Self.

As you each strive to transmute all that is not you as it surfaces from deep within your Being, know that you are performing a valuable service on behalf of all of Humanity, for by your choice to act from your higher guidance and promptings, you thereby transmute these lower qualities that have been hovering and permeating the atmosphere of the Earth, into the higher qualities and aspects of the lower counterparts. The planes of duality are now becoming blurred and that which had clear polarity of opposite extremes in expression and manifestation now becomes harder to discern as such, for there now appears many ‘grey’ areas where alchemy has been shown to transcend and change polarity into greater integration and unification with the higher realms of conduct.

This is what is now taking place in a vast movement to bring greater integration and unity to the majority of Humanity in order to prepare them to express at higher levels of consciousness and conduct. This will continue throughout this year and the following year in an unprecedented attempt to bring Humanity as a whole into a vibratory frequency that will allow Ascension to begin in earnest in each individual. Much work has yet to be done but many inroads have been made already. As each of you stands firm in your Light and resolve to live in a new Ascended Earth reality, it creates a massive thoughtform that begins to transmute the ages old thoughtforms of mass consciousness that have kept Humanity chained to the limitations imposed upon them throughout the Ages by outmoded and no longer viable precepts.

Change is now the order of each day and every cell in your physical bodies is being transformed into higher order and function. You who are reading these words are at the forefront of what will fast become a mass movement towards Divinity and the remembrance of all that was blocked from your Awareness will become more easily understood and accepted. Humanity is poised on the brink of pregnant possibilities that are virtually unlimited in size and scope. You are each equal to the task, for you have all done this before on other Ascending Planets. Hold to your highest Light and ideals in the times ahead, Beloved Anchors of Cosmic Light and Love!

I leave you now to ponder on these words with my Love and devotion.



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