23 April 2011  Susan Elsa

Dear beloved Souls,

I A.M. and I bring you this very happy News:

The World is getting closer to the of all ! The Changes are underway and many of you feel the change happening on different layers and levels.

Your Minds are being cleansed. Your Hearts are being opened to only see and accept Truth and Love. Your eyes are being expanded, to perceive more, physical and non-physical.

Like in many famous stories you have heard about me, remember the Warrior of the that I AM and on me whenever my Lightning Blue Fire is needed to cleanse away rests of Darkness or Negativity from yourself, any loved One or general Situation. I am here and I am leading all the Heavens now to help in these unique, wonderful Changes.

I would like to ask a very specific thing of all of you now:

Today, on Easter Sun Day, the Day of the Sun, take some time to meditate and send Light to the World, the Souls on Earth and Mother Nature.

I want you to focus all your Light, and imagine how all of you together are connecting and combining your Lights to make the whole World shine bright as the Sun. Put on your favorite, positively resonating Music and feel and visualize upliftment, a light shield around all of you, happiness, thankfulness and all else positive you want to focus on.

Each of you, call on all the 7 Archangels, including me, by name and focus, and ask us to join by your free will and expand your Light and Energy and Power to be like a Net of Love & Light around the World.

Take this time, to send Healing, Love & Light to the World and participate in the Celebration of the Beginning of the LIGHT TIMES in 2012.

I love you all very much and we are celebrating with Joy your developments and loyalty to God and your own Self.


This Text can be distributed as long as Credit is given to Archangel Michael & for Channeling, with Linking to www.mystery-garden.com (incl. Special Info on the 7 Archangels and Meditation Guidance!)