12 April 2011   Channeler:  Solara



March brought us a new seriousness. Many of us are now feeling an increased urgency to move into our right positions as quickly as possible. There is the strong feeling that is now On the Line. It is a time when absolutely anything could happen and many things are coming to a climax. There is no way to avoid this or push away the changes that this brings. Nor would we want to because this is why we are here.

Most of us have moments when we feel overwhelmed, disempowered, vulnerable and lack confidence. We are feeling super stripped down right now because we are being thoroughly deconstructed. It's like gutting a building and totally rebuilding it from the inside out. We are being stripped of our old knowledge, our old spiritual practices, our old ways of doing things, our old criteria of what we thought we wanted or needed. During this time, we are under construction, being totally renovated in alignment with the blueprint of a True One. And yes, it is awkward and uncomfortable, but it is so worthwhile and absolutely necessary.

We are all going through major birthing pains. We are both giving and we are the ones getting born. The Earth is also giving . During this massive process, there are a lot of contractions and pain. It is super intense and often feels more like dying than birthing something new. The aspects of us that are being born are the parts that are feeling super vulnerable, helpless and fresh. But if we constantly remember why all this is happening, that this much needed collapse of duality is clearing the space for the New and True to be born, we will be able to see it through.

Great turns coal into diamonds. And this is exactly what is happening to us right now. We are all feeling tremendous . Our planet is feeling great . And we are all transforming into diamonds. This is how the New and True gets born from the ashes of all that is expired and untrue.

One of the main focuses of the first half of this year is to get into our right positions and then take our Trueness and anchor it into our everyday lives so we can live a True Life as a True One. At first, this will require many changes on our part. Some of us will no longer be able to live in the same place where we've been living. We may no longer be able to do the same work we've done for a long time. Some of our relationships and closest friendships will drop out of our lives. Many of our old activities will fade away. Massive changes in our lifestyle are coming in the next few months. We will be altering our daily patterns and learning to do everything in new ways.

Our New Life may not look like our old vision of paradise. Our One True Loves may not resemble what we thought they would look like. Many of our previous thoughts, dreams, preferences and concepts of what our New Life should look like are getting broken, so that something infinitely truer and more real can manifest.

In April we can expect more shocking upheavals in our ever changing world. It's important that we don't get drawn into the media hype and into fear. Instead, follow your inner knowingness as a True One. Throughout this time, it's extremely helpful to sit as Silent Watchers and hold all the worlds within worlds in PURE HEART LOVE. From this stance we can hold true to our inner knowingness and when appropriate, take decisive action.

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We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!