No mentioning about the atomic explosion that causes the earthquake? Well, it's interesting anyway.


ELESTE and FAITH: Beloveds we are here to speak to you about various topics that are currently ongoing on this planet.With so many rumours and fear mongering being thrown about , it is time for us to step fowards and try to tell you that there is nothing to fear. Whilst we understand that you are human and that there is much misinformation and deliberate DIS-information being pummeled about out there, that it is confusing TO SAY THE LEAST!


Pop-up Storm System

FAITH: Beloved souls as my physical incarnation happens to be in the middle of the pop-up storm systems in the US, I understand the fear very well. To all those who cry 'HAARP' everytime a pop-up storm appears, I simply say this: IT IS SPRINGTIME, this is completely normal at this time of year in the states. I have a suggestion, look back at your weather records for springtime storms, and you will see this long before even HAARP was created, this has been occurring.


ELESTE: Although my physical incarnation is not in the US, I do understand the fear and uncertainty of being around these systems and their major destructive forces, as is also recieving dramatic changes to its cyclical weather systems. However I say this, there is more going on that would create such changes to the atmosphere and its weather systems behind the scenes. However, to all them who say HAARP , I simply tell you as of the Grand Cosmic Squadron, that this is not so, for it is truth we did indeed take action against all its stations at once. I will not reveal why at this time, but rather it will be told to you when the time is correct.




ELESTE: With regards to the solar flares that you have all been aware of, there is indeed much activity from the sun itself as it is assisting in the shifting of your planet and all who dwell here to the higher vibrations. With each CME solar flares (Corronal Mass Ejection) that is being sent out, more higher cosmic energy is being released to you so that you are propelled further along in your process. Its effects are assisting your physical bodies to change and adapt to the increasing light levels by transforming your DNA. The from the solar flares are perfectly safe. Although with each CME you will be gettting further distruptions in weather and electrical appliances. This is why there has been such severe storm systems encroaching upon the planet at times. Although this will subside as you all progress further. The intervals between each CME is indeed getting shorter as this process is being sped up. For those who are saying the sun is going to explode- it is it not its time for such an even to occur. This galaxy and its inhabitants still have need to live here, therefore the portal and your solar sun will remain, it is NOT going to explode!


FAITH:Speaking From A 3D physical stance, I can tell you All Beloved Souls that the On-going Solar flares may be making the changes over from our physical, carbon-based bodys to our Crystalline LightBodys go MUCH FASTER than they would have otherwise; HOWEVER This Does NOT Mean That It IS EASIER On The 3D Hu-Man Body OR On The Electrical and that we all depend Upon. I spoke of this In my message With Michael (The Comming Announcements/FIRST CONTACT Pt 3). As the HIGHER Vibrational Energys come to us all It CAN BE and often IS Very, Very FRUSTRATING for those on 's surface. You all need to relaize that This Is EXACTLY What We ALL Agreed To be At This PRECISE MOMENT In Time.


HAARP and all its variants

FAITH: With regards to HAARP and all of it's Variations – Ultra High Frequesncy (UHF) and Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) and NEXRAD – there is NOTHING Further to be Worried or Concerned About As HAARP has been PERMANENTLY Taken OFFLINE By My Clan – Clan Corda'a – that I stand in Leadership of on the ground and Backed Up by Ashtar's and Sohin's Crews in Aerial Support. From a Ground Crew position, all of the devastation in terms of EarthQuakes and Tsunamis that WAS previously caused by HAARP was FRIGHTENING.The CONSTANT Fear-Mongering Is NOT doing ANYONE, EXCEPT for the DarkFyres/Dark Ones any good, So PLEASE LEAVE IT BEHIND!


ELESTE: With Regards to HAARP as I mentioned above, we took action to bring it out of service for reasons we will not disclose at this time. All their stations that were operational were taken out of service from ourselves in a joint effort with some of our trusted groundcrew and Clan members of Clan Corda'a. This operation took us two nights of co-ordinated efforts. Please be assured that this device no longer is operational on this planet any longer. However they do have other devices to use, such as ULF (ultra-low frequency) and UHF (ultra-high frequency) devices. Rest assured they are no threat to us or to your safety in all this. Whilst in the past they may have used it brutally, they no longer have this option. HAARP was taken offline in the 2nd month of the new year of your cycle.

Whilst we understand your fear about all the things they did with these machines, We know there is no longer any reason for you to fear this, therefore to all you HAARP criers, please see the sense in our action.


Earthquakes and Geological Changes

ELESTE: Whilst there is alot of speculations about what is occuring around the pacific ring of fire, we see and know what is occuring at present. Whilst initially the earthquakes were triggered by HAARP in the year before last. This only assisted Gaia into shifting her plates ready to raise Lemuria from the seabed. This is what is occuring and will continue to occur as the planet and you all shift up again into the higher dimentions. The occurance off the coast of and the nuclear power plant with the 9.1 Magnitude as you measure it, was a severe shift of the plate, A thrust of emergence from the Lemurian plate. Which leads me onto speak about the misinformation being presented to you about sinking. This IS NOT truth, and really is another distraction being thrown at you to try and hinder your progress on Ascension. is part of Lemuria and will continue to rise up along with the rest of the plate. The tsunami and fukushima incidents were dealt with by our ships, as is the ongoing relief. Whist we would like to do this more openly, it is being done still regardless of whether you see us or not, whether you believe it or not. All the clean up has been dealt with by our technology, this would go much quicker if we could be more open. However, we are still assisting. The earth surface is being reorganised and restructured. It is being closely monitored but it is not possible to completely negate the effects being thrown at you from these natural disasters. However there is no need for fear. We can and will assist further and this become more open as we bring out first contact and disclosure. There is no need for concern over any changes here, we are fully monitoring and able to step in should the need arise.


FAITH: When you all look around you Beloved Souls you are probably TERRIFIED about all of the really, really serious quakes such as the original Mag 9.1 that rocked Japan on 11th March and the Tsunami that followed it. You are probably also looking at all of the EarthQuakes and Volcanic eruptions and whatnot around the planet and saying "What Next? What More Are We Going To Have To Endure?" It needs to be said beyond all doubts that Gaia has planned all of these occurrances are designed to Clear Out all of the buried Toxins and re-organize Her surface in order to proceed in Her Own Ascension. Like you I have been asking those same questions and have also been trembling at the thought of the Yellowstone Super-Volcano erupting. It has been said that Yellowstone will not erupt until the first part of 2012… UNLESS there is a re-arrangement of the Agreement between Gaia and Creator; so that is something that we need not be concerned about.

All of the above and its effects on the human physical body

FAITH: There is not too much more that I need to say about everything above beyond what Eleste and I have already said. From my 3D point-of-view all of these things ARE pretty scary as well as FRUSTRATING; especially the Solar Flare's effects on computers and all other electronic devices. They say that PATIENCE Is A Virtue… yet EVEN I feel like I AM simply "Spinning My Wheels" at times while waiting for a mis-behaving computer to DECIDE that it WANTS to work properly. It IS Living From a Totally Open Stance and In UNConditional Love and JOY of Life that will see us all through these changes and into the GLORY-OUS Life awaiting us in the higher dimensions.


ELESTE: Whilst there is not much I can add to this, I will tell you; whilst you are all undergoing massive changes even I am too along side you all, there is nothing more we can say except to relax, and remain centerd in your heart centre. Be of light, laugh and have fun. Although the situations are dire at times, have perfect trust and faith in the Divine Plan set for you by Creator. We are here, we understand fully what you are going through. Activate your light bodies, feed them from the sun and cosmic rays. This protects you from the majority of influences being thrown at and around you.


ELESTE and FAITH : We too are physically incarnated beside you, and we understand on a personal level exactly what you are going through. We walk beside you and suffer the same as you do. We are not sat on some mythological cloud enjoying the sunshine, we are walking here beside you every step of the way.

We are ONE and the SAME, all part of the same FAMILY.