Wednesday, April 20, 2011
By Jeannie Alvin See the free book 9, Being, Living, & Creating from the

Dear fellow Lightworkers, we are now in an advanced stage of finishing up 3rd dimensional living. Living a with great contrasts of and , good and evil, are soon to transform into a heaven world, a 5th dimensional world of only Light, only good.

It is up to us, the Wayshowers, to create the end of this transitional period in the way that we intend. There are prophecies of apocalypses given ages ago by the Dark. There are also predictions of societal interspersed in many channelings from the “Light.” Perhaps we need to question this , as most or even all of the negative predictions come from the Dark, from disinformation.

We need to question all of our beliefs. Is it true that we need total collapse of all of the old structures? Do banking, education, and religions need to totally collapse before the new structures appear? How deeply is this belief ingrained in us?

What would happen if we release the belief in collapse, and replace it with a strong intention that harmony has suddenly appeared, with ease and grace? What if we believe that these structures transform very quickly from within, and the transformed banking, education and religious structures now are functioning for the highest good of all?

What if instead of collapsing, these structures begin to transform from within, as new leaders appear, and the opposition simply cannot withstand the Light and the Love, and withdraws?

As beings of Light, our power is tremendous. By intentionally using the Law of Attraction, and focusing on what we want, rather than what is, we could quickly transform our societies.

When we see conditions we dislike, we could flip our focus, and affirm it’s demise, saying “Thank God this is now past, gone, and we are living in Heaven on . Thank God the politics of division and war have ended, and our governments are focusing on assisting their citizens in pursuing Life, , and the pursuit of Happiness and . Thank God the banking systems have reformed, with abundance for all citizens now. Thank God the positive voices of religions are the focus of humanity now, and their commonalities are realized!

Thank God that we have peace on earth now! Thank God that soldiers are now busy in their own countries, educating the populace, teaching all to read and write and farm with organic methods? What if the soldiers are busy building parks and bridges and roads throughout their nations, instead of destroying them?

Thank God that all governments worldwide are seeing that their inhabitants all have adequate and good and water! Thank God that the harmful chemicals in farming are now gone, and methods that enhance the earth and the quality are on the rise worldwide!

Thank God that pollution is gone, as we now have earth friendly energy sources! We run our vehicles on air and water, and harness the energies of the ocean’s waves to light up our cities!

Thank God that every area of society is now vastly improved, as support is now here for the new and the good.

This, dear fellow Lightworkers, is up to us. Our focus and intention on the positive results is the mechanism for this . The appearance of the world we want follows our intentional creation of the thoughts, feelings and energies. When the energies we have created match our desires, then, and only then, will they appear in our world.

If we Lightworkers don’t create this change in focus, who will? The nuts and bolts of how things materialize in are world, with the Law of Attraction is thus: as we focus on anything positive or negative, our energies join other like energies, go out to the end of the universe and return with more like it.

Without our energies supporting negative events, they will quickly die out. As Lightworkers of higher vibrations than the population at large, our focus has an intensified affect on our world. Because of the power of our Light, and our energies, it is the Lightworkers who determine what can or cannot appear on the world stage.

I suggest that we Lightworkers let go of any focus on negative news, apart from prayers for assistance to those involved, any material aid we wish to offer, any internet petitions we can support. If we believe that with Divine assistance, good will arise from the negative conditions, it has to. This is a little known spiritual law. This belief alone will assist in the transformation of the negative condition to the positive outcome.

Lightworkers unite! Let’s believe that the shift happens with ease and grace! We deserve it now!