We are the of an infinite consciousness that flutters on the wings of spirit. We are everything that ever was and ever will be, we are the & omega.

Remember in all these conversations, we are sharing because you are so close, not because you are so far, we are refining and defining the path. It is going to happen in the twinkling of an eye, in a moment, in an instant when you least expect it the veil will fall and the internal reality of who you are will spill forth into your world.

Come with us, remain with us, be not fearful and step forward, expand yourself, be the resurrected being that you are. Stand and observe the world and those whom you love from heavens eyes. Be God's eyes, God's voice, God's words, God's actions. Are you willing? Are you ready not only to be the of All That Is but to be a living, vibrant expression of that power? Be not afraid of what you might lose for there is no loss in All That Is. Step forward, be a light unto your world, your time has come and we call forth the manifest miracles of your calling.

We ask you in these coming days as your reality continues to shift that you declare your willingness to participate and assume the role that you have chosen since the beginning of time. Cleansing your fears, your guilt, your worries, standing naked in the truth of light, acknowledge the powerful source of the presence of All That Is in you life. Acknowledge the power of your action and the power of your word, the power of your vision, the power of your thoughts. Become the hand, the heart, the face of God to your world.

Do you wish to know what to do and how to serve? What does the God of All That Is do? When you stand in community what would God do? The source of All That Is. When you hold a child in your arms, what would God do? If your are clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, what would God do and how does that differ from what you would do?

What is the source of All That Is, all abundance, all power, all strength, all love? Which is the only means by which you can assist another? This is the surrender that is required now. Pack your bags, say your good-byes and move into the image of God, the eyes of God, the ears of God, the mouth of God, the hands of God. Experience your negative ego diminishing, becoming smaller, but a tiny speck in a field of golden light. Behold the spirit of God among you, be the light unto your own feet and in that to the world.

We send you this invitation which you have accepted before time began. Pack your bags, say your good-bys for behold the wonderment of the fourth dimension.