It is a misconception to think you need to be doing something specific to classify yourself as a . You don’t even have to want to. You may even be running from that designation like it were the plague. You can’t escape the facts. The facts can and definitely have been hidden from you. In spite of what your so called reality experiences have told you, you are here in this third dimensional paradigm, called experience because you chose to be. There are many secondary reasons for your choice and your resulting experiences. There is one main reason from which all your experiences develop.

This whole universe (yes the whole thing including all its dimensions and realities) is going through a major evolutionary . The fulcrum of this is you, me and this third reality we are now experiencing. We are in the midst of ever increasing frequencies of light. This whole universe is made of light. This higher frequency light is . This changes (transforms, transmutes,etc) how things are. You are an integral part of making sure this transformation goes smoothly. Thats where being a light worker comes in.

In the world of , there is a device called a capacitor or condenser. This device stores electrical and releases it in a smooth and measured fashion so the system it is being distributed to doesn’t get fried, to put it in technical terms. There are also devices called lightning rods, which attract lightning and deliver it into the ground, so the lightning doesn’t destroy nearby objects like your house etc. You in a sense are a lightning rod with a capacitor that attracts Higher Frequency Light and stores it to be  smoothly redistributed in this current reality. There is a great diversity in construction and functioning of lightning rods and capacitors. Likewise there is a great diversity in the “construction” of humans which allows us to be able to store and redistribute High Frequency Light in an infinity of situations. Our DNA is the key here and why we are the fulcrum of this evolutionary shift for our universe!

I’m going to let you digest this information for a while before I get into more specifics. Lets see if you can figure for yourself where this is all going. (Hint: there is no one who is a better light worker than you, no matter what your activity or theirs looks like)