Jennifer Hoffman a message from Archangel Uriel

channeled by Jennifer Hoffman

Monday, 7 March, 2011  (posted 1 April, 2011)  

Your life is to create , which is the completion of the cycle that includes humanity, the earth and the third dimension. Every aspect of your being and all of your power are working together as it is the purpose of your . Throughout eons of time this has been an evolving path for all of humanity. You create in the present , not in the past or the future, so you must learn to create from where you are.

Each time you manifest a new and different reality you also shift a corresponding energetic vibration that is an ending of an aspect of fear. These endings then help greater amounts of light and higher vibrations become part of the earth's . As you review your life and see your shortcomings and mistakes, know that these shifts in perspective are necessary for the process to begin. Each time you change your perspective you also change the earth's . Each time you create a higher aspect for your reality, you also create an opening for a higher aspect in the earth's energies. As you acknowledge where you are and claim your power to transform your reality, you are also claiming dominion over its fear aspect and a corresponding shift resonates throughout the Universe.

The third dimension is a mirror for your powers of creation and manifestation and your purpose is to create on earth to fulfill the ascension cycle that you and the earth are partners in.  Each aspect of reality you create is an individual expression of your God presence. The details of your life are a reflection of your light and mirror it to the world. In each moment creation shifts as you move towards or away from the light within, closer or farther from your divinity and connect to or disconnect from your power. Where you are is where you need to move energy, create a higher aspect of your being and allow a new understanding of yourself as divine.

Creation is the process of manifesting your life path. It reflects your choice of energies in each moment. As you are aware that higher express are possible, set your intention to create a new reality in that moment. Do not spend time judging the value of the past. Focus on creation in this moment because each moment represents the vibration of your consciousness. Every detail of your life path is either grounded in a karmic path or a creative present. There is no power in the Universe that can create your life path for you, or interfere with its progress. To know how much control you have you must see yourselves as masters of the third dimension, as Creator's creators in the third dimension for that is what you are in creating heaven on earth.

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