TELOS Meditation

Take a deep breath and imagine yourself going down the crystal stairs to your Cathedral of light. As you are descending, you see a magnificent door shining like a thousand suns. This is the door of your Sacred chamber, in your heart, where the divine meets your . Stop before this door and take a deep breath. Fill yourself with gratitude for this moment where you are going to meet face to face, heart to heart, this most Sacred part of yourself. Prepare yourself with gratitude. Fill each cell with , light and peace. Visualize waves of light, music, beauty around your . You notice your rising. Your thoughts are very light. You are One. Each cell is united with this .

Now this magic sacred door opens and with each step you take forward, you feel the high vibration of love and light emanating from this powerful source of light. Feel the love as you enter in this crystal room. You immerse yourself in this light and you feel the love expanding in all directions bringing purity, peace, the great peace inside you. You are peace manifested in this dimension.

You now feel a light beam coming down through your crown chakra, going through your body and reaching your heart. You feel this powerful light beam spreading through you and nothing can resist it. Each cell, each consciousness embraced by this light is transformed. Each cell becomes a diamond radiating its own light. Visualize your body saturated with light. Each cell is a small sun beaming its truth, its true nature, its reality, its own life. Each cell is alive, conscious. Each cell is pure light materialized in your body. Feel this light transforming the polarity of each emotion inside you. This light is embracing your physical, etheric, mental and . Visualize the light shimmering in all these bodies as the light of each cell is reflected in each of these bodies. Nothing can resist this big light wave! As you are breathing, feel this expansion of light embracing each aspect of your consciousness.

As you stand in this pure light, you notice inside you an infinite space. Feel its immensity. You are a being of light, not limited by the body you are using in this dimension. You are a multidimensional being and your heart is a gateway to All That Is. Feel this space inside you. Your heart is a magic door. It opens to the limitlessness of life, of consciousness, of . You can call upon yourself, the light of the Great Central Sun, all that you wish for yourself and you can use your heart as the gateway through which you call these energies to come and manifest in your own life, in your own body. This heart of yours is a powerful gateway. From your heart, you can access every region, every consciousness, every that you dream about.

If, for instance, you are dreaming of increasing your creativity level in music, just go in this heart of yours and, by intention, travel to the unlimited divine music region of the Creation. Your heart will bring you to this sphere of music because your heart is connected to all that ever existed, all that exists and all that will exist in the future. It is a pure consciousness by itself that is linked to the consciousness of the Source itself. Your heart is the Source living inside this body you are using. That is why your heart beats on its own. It is linked to the very light of God shining inside you. It is not only a link with the Source it also a link to all you ever wished.

This knowledge has to be used with much respect, sacredness and love. You will only be able to access the regions that correspond to the light level of your heart because even though your heart is connected to the Source itself, we have put locks on these gateways. These locks are to protect you so that you do not bring 3rd dimensional reality and beliefs in the other dimensions, so that you do not bring the limitedness of your life in the other dimensions. You will only see the doors and the regions that are in synchrony and vibration with the love level of your heart. You will not see, feel nor imagine the doors that are vibrating at a higher level. This is the only limitation you have now. The good news is that by purifying your being, by using the ascension flame of purification you can purify these gateways. As you purify your emotions, your beliefs, the way you look at yourself and others you shine a greater light. A lamp emanates more light when its surface has been cleaned. As you heal your wounds, you clear the glass of the lamp you are. So the burning love of your heart can put more light around you, can raise your vibrational level and allow you to see further and further. You are the master of your destiny. You are the sole creator of what is in front of you. As you shine your love and light, as you purify your vision of life, you are allowed to explore new lands, open new doors.

So we invite you tonight, to feel the light inside you and see it opening accesses to new consciousness. Feel that you are expanding and your heart is opening to the next dimension. You have been preparing for this for months, for years. Feel these new doors opening in front of you, the door of the new heart, the new you, the doors of love, of eternity. As you shine your light and your love, feel new rays of light coming in your heart, pouring down this new energy consciousness that was awaiting for you to open these doors in this very moment. Feel this new energy. What is it telling you? How fo you feel? What do you see? Just breath this new energy consciousness in all that you are.

As you hear these words, imagine that you are a sun shining a new color. Feel this new vibration that is expressing itself at all levels. Feel the realignment of energy. Feel the new you standing, recognizing, acknowledging the new you.

Imagine that all of you, here present, are forming a circle of new life. This new consciousness is in the middle of your circle. See it in any form you like: a sun, a star, a flower, a rainbow, a dragon… From this new consciousness, beams of light are sent to each human being on the planet. This new consciousness is expanding and finding a nest of love in the heart of each human. Feel this new consciousness anchoring itself in the heart of . As you see these threads of light, feel the hope, the respect, the harmony, the love growing in each human being. Feel their consciousness changing. Your brothers and sisters are opening their eyes and seeing life with a belief that peace is possible. Everything is possible. Everyone can live happy, respected, loved in this dimension. Imagine that every human believes this is the new reality of planet earth and they are part of it. Each human came to create the new world of peace, love, respect, harmony. See this new energy consciousness anchoring deeply and changing this world. As you visualize this new consciousness creating this new world, feel yourself in your body breathing, united with this new consciousness, alive and in action in your world. Come back in this place and moment, aware that this new world is being created now and that you are part of it.


Good night everybody, my name is Sananda. How are you my precious ones? Do you feel this energy around you? You are part of the new world. This has to become a second nature in you. This has to become a certainty, a way of life, of acting, of seeing yourself, of seeing all the people, all the events and all the situations around you.

The new world is being created now even though everything seems to be crumbling. You are in the middle of the cleaning phase: destroying the old stuff, the obsolete structures, clearing the space so that we can build the new world on a new basis. Yes, there will be earthquakes, fires, floodings. We are using heavy equipment to break down the old system and that is a good sign. We are cleaning the place so that we can build the most exquisite, marvelous, shining castle of light. Keep the vision of this luminous castle being created and prepared now, in your dimension. It is coming. Believe me! This exercise you participated in, a few minutes earlier, is so important. When you visualize the new consciousness of life anchoring itself in the heart of your brothers and sisters, you literally create the highways of light for the new structure to come and manifest itself in your dimension. The light grids must be created to allow the new structure to take form in matter and to follow the plan of the divine architect.

Realize something very important: you are the creator in this dimension. You are responsible for establishing the light and love highways that will permit the creation of the new world. You came, each one of you, to participate in the creation of the new earth. By healing your emotions, healing your wounds, you shine your light and your love. You bring the new hope, the new world in your dimension. You create light grids wherever you walk. These lines attract the angels, the archangels, all the light beings of the higher dimension. They can use this energy to assist you build the new world.

The new world will not be created from the light dimension. It will be created from your dimension. All the light workers are preparing and anchoring the light and the love required as the basis for the building of the new consciousness. This will anchor the new consciousness of love, peace and respect that humanity will be able to accept and live by.

You are the pioneers. You are those who will anchor this new energy so that humanity can uplift itself, can accept this new belief that love is possible, that this dimension can be love and respect. Each time you heal yourself, you bless a situation, each time you follow the flow, you let go of control, you let go of wanting the life to be your way, each time you trust life, you allow the light to shine in your heart, each time you allow the light to shine from your body, from the center of your being in this dimension. Each time, you create light. You create a love vibration that can be used as an anchoring channel to bring the new consciousness of love, light, respect, compassion, harmony… Otherwise, these energies do not find any nest. They cannot find any house where to stand and expand in your dimension. Each one of you is a very important actor in the great plan. You represent the master pieces in this great plan for humanity. You are those souls that have committed to come and hold the truth, the hope, the hope in love, light, harmony and respect for your brothers and sisters.

Why am I repeating these words again to you tonight? So that you never forget them! Especially, in the coming months on your planet, in 2011. Never forget these words! You are presently living an acceleration of time and this acceleration of time will continue to increase in speed. It will become a little bit tougher if you keep holding on to control, if you keep wanting life to be as you want it to be. So what I am telling you is: surrender. Welcome everything that is coming to you. It is what you need to unlock all these doors inside you; the doors of the false beliefs, the doors that are keeping you in your own jail, keeping you in a state of suffering. It is now time to let all your burdens go. These burdens are all the limitations that you have put upon yourself in this lifetime and all your other lifetimes.

Can you imagine yourself walking in the street full of joy, filled with the belief that life is your best friend, that life brings you only the best in each domain of your life? Can you imagine that the only thing belonging to you is your own body with the clothes on it? Nothing else! Can you believe this? Can you imagine this?..You are walking in the street by yourself, owning nothing. It is just you, your smile, your courage and your joy of living.

I would like you to practice seeing yourself in this fashion. You have let go of all your possessions, all the security that these possessions bring to you. You have let go of the belief that you have to take care of your own life because nobody will. Not the life! Not God! Can you practice believing that everything will be perfect even if the only thing you have left in this dimension is your body? This exercise will help you identify all the attachments you have inside you. All the false beliefs that are limiting you from expressing who you are fully in all of your creativity, all of your liberty, your freedom. You are tied to this dimension by so many beliefs, so many habits, behavioural habits, cultural habits. You don’t even realize how much of a slave you are!

By doing this exercise you will find what is hurting inside you? Let's say you are walking on the sidewalk and you just own your clothes. How do you feel? If you feel sad, why are you sad? If you feel insecure, why do you feel insecure? What is the belief that brings you this insecurity? In fact, there is more than one belief for each of these questions. Exercise yourself, my beloved ones. You are a slave presently, a slave of this dimension, of this society, of all your habits. You need to be free, to
experience what freedom is, what creativity is. You need to prepare yourself for the fifth dimension where everybody shares everything. Nobody owns anything for eternity. It is always something you are using in this moment and in the next moment you give it to someone else because you will be doing something else or traveling somewhere else.

You are free like birds. Look at the birds around you. They do not own a tree. They build their nest in any tree. Each spring time, they change tree. They travel. They sing the glory of living. They do not worry. They do not have these marks on their face showing they are very old. They are not anxious, insecure. They are not stressed like human beings are. I invite you to experiment and feel what it is to be free at all levels, to be free of matter, of emotions, of beliefs and just be yourself. Practice thinking about yourself, nothing else. You are pure energy experimenting in this dimension. You are a free spirit. Prepare yourself. Look at what is hurting inside you and welcome it, investigate it, analyze it, love it until you are in a state of peace. Peace is an indicator that the wound has been healed. You are not dragging it anymore in your emotional body, ignoring it or denying it. You brought it back in your heart and you merged with its energy consciousness. It is not a burden

So, Beloveds ones, anchor inside you the true freedom, the true liberty. Freedom is a state of consciousness that is part of the fifth dimension. You consciousness must be synchronized with the vibration of freedom, the vibration of liberty. If your vibration does not support the liberty consciousness you cannot come in the fifth dimension. It is not possible, it will not be complimentary. It will be like two magnets presenting the same polarity to each other; there will be repulsion. You have to prepare yourself to let go of the burden you carry. You have to raise your vibrational level and Love is one of the master key for this. Freedom, Liberty is another master key. You will be presented with masters keys in the following weeks. Practice acknowledging this vibration. Which kind of feelings are awakened inside you when you think that you don’t own anything? Which kind of behaviors are awakened? How do you act, walk, speak, if you only own your body in this dimension? This is a very good and simple exercise that we share with you in the preparation of the coming months.

My heart blesses you. My heart shares its own liberty and freedom with each of you. Blessings!


Good night, children of light, I am coming tonight to bless your heart in preparation for what is coming on this planet before the end of the year. As you know, toward time, there is always a special energy being poured down on your planet. This Christed Love energy is not only sent to all human beings it is also transmitted to all the kingdoms. This year is special. The energy that will be poured upon this planet is an energy of preparation for 2011. To assist you in this time of the year, I would like to invite you to take care of your physical body, to do some cleansing, to watch what you eat and drink so that the energy level of your body can be maintained high.

Also give your body a lot of rest. Sometimes you will feel very tired and this is normal because you are in preparation for the coming events. We know what is coming for each one of you and we are giving you the maximum energy to assist you for the adjustments that will be required on all levels on the physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies. You will have to unload all that is heavy in these bodies. So take care of them. Your bodies are very precious tools you need.

Drink lots of water. It will help anchor this oncoming shower of in your body. Water is a liquid that shines the light. It absorbs easily in your bodies the light, the heat, the quality of the Source. The more liquid in your body, the easier it will be for you as these energies will assist you. The less liquid in your body, the more resistance, the more earthquakes in your body.

It will be difficult for your body to adjust to the light energy consciousness that is flowing down on this planet. We are literally shaking the old structures at all levels. They must crumble. This light energy consciousness that is being poured really knows its mission. All that is not based on love must be brought down. All that these beliefs that keep humanity in a state of slavery must come down and this light will destroy them at the base.

This means: keep the new world in your vision. Keep the new planet in your vision. Feed this new consciousness with the light and the love of your heart. Be conscious that you are bringing down the old world by the light and the love of your heart. You are the anchor person who attracts the new earth, the new world. Each day is important. You are on a mission. You are the pioneer who is preparing and building the light forms to create the new world. So each day is important. Each day you are building and anchoring the new world. Never forget this! It is so important.

If in the morning you are not smiling, just observe yourself and say: ''I could make a bigger effort, I could hang a smile on my face because I am on a mission. The mission is not so easy this morning but I am getting there. In a minute it will be better. I know that I am working and creating the new world. I am part of it and I am important.'' Then the smile appears in your face because you realize that you are waking up to this new day and that you are participating at building this new world. You believe in it. You are creating it by your attitude, by your smile, by your own beliefs as you walk on the sidewalk, as you work in your office. You participate in the creation of this new world with joy in your heart.

Always remember this, beloved ones. Each day, each minute is important. Each one of you is so important and precious. I bless you with all the love in my heart. I will see you at Telos tonight, you are personally invited to a celebration. We celebrate your mission. We celebrate the vision of the new world. Good night!