This was channeled from , in her blog Light of Selene.  It is full of love on a topic that is 'touchy' for some.  But it is full I think of Telosian , and I felt nudge me to re-post it. =-)


A friend of mine recently asked the following question, which I am posting here that we may all learn and heal. I felt blessed to be able to bring the information and healing into our world. If you have similar questions or curiosities, I hope that you take time to allow the energy to wash over you and free whatever comes up for you! question: hey so the channelings I have read from Adama (Telos books) and such have spoken of their love in a very aspect… I wonder if you would maybe channel from them what their thoughts are on polyamory since they are in the 5th dimension… if we are moving towards that I would like to be in alignment with it in some way. thank you!!!!!

Elliot on Polyamory:

I AM Elliot, Healer of Telos, Human Diplomat to the , “5D” Being and (most importantly I think) Twin Flame of the One you know as “Selene Aswell”.

I hope that qualifies me to answer your question.

Firstly, let me encourage you to continue your journey to move beyond fear. My friend, fear still has it’s icy grip around your heart. It constricts; when you would expand your felt capacity for love, you feel pain. Trust me when I say, love causes no pain. Fear, however, is the boon companion of pain. If you are feeling pain, of absolutely any kind, you can be sure that fear is the culprit.

With your permission, I will step closer yet to you, put my singing hands around your heart and carefully remove that fear grip. Thank you for trusting me.

Now, breathe deeply and allow your heart to expand. The possible expansion is infinite, but for now, just open your heart space as much as you feel comfortable. Mm. Isn’t that nice? Like a feeling of relief you didn’t realize you were waiting for.

That is how I perceive this question of polyamory. Let’s break down that word: manylove. Try using the word “manylove” instead of polyamory and see if that changes the way you think and feel about it.

From my perspective, you all are participating in manylove all the time. Particularly if you look across the span of several lifetimes. Although Selene is my twin flame, would I begrudge her taking a lover who is not me? Certainly not. That is the whole point of being alive, isn’t it? To experience! Trying to limit my beloved’s experience would not be very loving of me. And how could I really? Your soul has loved and been loved by many different souls, all at the same time (considering the fact that time as you know it is an illusion, thus all experiences are happening in the same Eternal NOW).  By that definition, you all are polyamorous already.

Now, that is my perspective as a homo luminous. If I were talking as a homo sapien currently incarnated on the Earth you all know, and my lover wanted to take another lover, that would certainly be much more difficult to handle. And so, I find myself in the position to give you an answer that many of you profess to dislike:

It’s up to you. There is no right or wrong. You can choose monogamy or polyamory and then change your mind later. And, you still get to go to heaven! (Metaphorically, heaven/perfection is all around you at all times.)

Instead of being so focused on what is right or wrong, I would encourage you to focus on the way in which you make your choices. Ask yourself, “Is this a loving decision or a fear based decision?” If you are in pain, chances are you are acting from fear.

As a Telosian, I do so appreciate the respect with which you regard my people. We have worked very hard, experienced some very painful things, and come, eventually, to a very beautiful life experience. We do, very much, want to help you ascend without the struggle and pain that we experienced. Thank you for opening your heart and mind with such eager respect. May I just remind you all that the work you are doing in a few years we spent thousands of years doing? So take a moment to feel some pride in the work you have done (are doing, will do.) You are ascending very quickly. You are doing very good work. Trust yourself. Acknowledge your progress. And take some time to play! Take some time to enjoy the process, enjoy the moments you find yourself in. These moments will never be again (and yet they will always be).

My friend, would you let me help you move through the compulsion to judge yourself so harshly? When you judge yourself by an imaginary standard with fear and selfhate in your heart how can you win? Of course you will come up lacking. You never give yourself a chance.

Take a moment to feel my presence, my hands on your shoulders. With your permission, I will lift this burden from you. You don’t have to carry it anymore. Over the next few weeks, I will teach you how to value yourself. I will work with you in dreams and in the times you find your self looking at nothing. Trust yourself and trust the process.

If you believe yourself to be in relationship with your twin flame and you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, I encourage you to take it as an opportunity to examine yourself. Why have you reacted that way? What is the fear that caused the pain that you feel? Your twin flame, as in all relationships, acts as a mirror showing you yourself. What do you see?

I’ll leave you with just one more adage. One more tool with which to help you make decisions. Ask yourself if the choice you have made is based on limitation. Limitation is yet another mask of fear. Fear, and therefore limitation, creates pain. So if you are making choices based on a belief in limitation, you are therefore choosing pain. Not fun.

And of course, we are with you. We will continue to walk with you and talk to you and help you come to the deepest self love imaginable. Love yourself, my friend, and your twin flame will shine ever the more brightly. (The more I love myself, the more my beloved shines the light of love. Isn’t that perfect?)

Bright Blessings
Elliot of Telos