1 April 2011

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Now that I understand that I am the generator and creator of that I experience in my reality, how is it that I am still creating scenarios/feelings that I do not want? I feel I have done so much integration already, I just want these limiting beliefs to be gone. If changing our beliefs literally requires NO time, then why are they still here creating limiting experiences if I have already intended to release them? Can you please explain?

We feel the heaviness in your heart and we certainly do not like to see you this way! You are all creator beings, and you ARE creating everything in your reality but remember that this is what you came here for; This time that you’re in right now. You are learning how to re-ascend into the after being so fully commited to having such a dense experience. This is what you are teaching us all how to do! We have never been immersed in such a dense reality and came out of it before by shedding all the limiting beliefs that many of you hold. You are teaching all of us!! Yes we do see all of this learning from a higher perspective and in time so will you. And you will rejoice with happiness because you will be amazed at all that you have accomplished. We know that you don’t feel like your accomplishing very much in the way of shedding these old beliefs but we would say take a look from our perspective and you will see how much work you have already accomplished. We are so very proud of all that you have done so far.

Now in regards to creating the reality that you want, realize that you are in fact creating the reality that you desire, but you are being met with obstacles along the way which are showing you that they simply need to be cleared. So give yourself credit. You are all manifesting quite a bit and you have cleared a tremendous amount in the past 2 months, really this entire year. Many of you really have been motivated to finalize many things that have been on the table, so to speak. You have gotten rid of many things, beliefs and emotions that were no longer in alignment with your new higher frequency. Remember that this time period is and will continue to be very intense. You will continually have more and more that will come to the surface to be cleared but each time you do this, it will be easier the next time because each time you clear something you are vibrating on a higher plane.

Even though you are all in the 3rd dimension, you are all vibrating at very different ranges in the 3rd dimension. There is a range or a scale with in every dimension. Some can be within the very bottom of the vibratory rate required to hold themselves in the dimension, while others are at the very top. As you have peaks and valleys throughout this process you are feeling the influx of the vibration you are feeling throughout the day. You see, we can see all of the tremendous growth you are achieving in such a very short amount of linear time. But all you are feeling is the weight of every obstacle that continues to bombard you at every corner. You knew this wasn’t going to be easy, but you knew how rewarding this experience was going to be and jumped at the chance to be involved. You are already doing so much, we only wish you could see that.

Now in regards to releasing the beliefs attached to feeling that you are not creating what you want. Give yourself a break. You are assuming you are doing something wrong. You are just beginning to flex your muscles, it takes . Just because these talents are innate within all of you and you are slowly starting to become consciously aware of them does not mean that you will be fantastic at it the very first time you try. Before a baby learns to walk, they first must crawl. Once they understand the concept of walking, even though they know what they WANT to do, they do not just get up and start walking without ever falling down. No they are using new muscles and working on their balance. It’s the same thing with all of you. You are all learning, you are waking up to just how powerful you really are, but you haven’t consciously used these creative muscles in a very very long time. So give yourself a break! You are learning. It takes ; it is not solely based on the desire to remove the limiting beliefs behind manifesting what you DON’T want. So give yourselves a bit of credit and you will see whole new worlds open up to you. You are capable of absolutely anything. Becoming aware of the limiting is the very first step. Releasing the is the next step, then you must replace the with a new LIMITLESS , and then you must putting your new found skills and beliefs to the test. Do not get down on yourself, for stumbling. You wouldn’t think it was hopeless for a 1 year old child to ever walk, if they fell down hundreds of times while they were learning; so why you would expect it to be so different for yourselves. We tell you all the time you are so very hard on yourselves. Give yourselves some credit for all that you are accomplishing. We are always with you, and happy to give you the encouragement that you need on this very rewarding but arduous path you have all chosen.

In love and light, as always we are just a thought away.

The Angelic Realm