Greetings to you all and a most wondrous
it is … 

a grand day of Celebration…

to celebrate means to "pay homage"
to Life…to Joy
to the truth of your very existence…

This Easter i have a most simple request
that if you would be so kind as to truly
allow it to be felt within you…
if you would truly remember this as often
as you can it would bring me great joy
for you see we are as One…


So….on this day when many put their attention
on a place and time when i made a conscious choice
to leave my body thru a means that would
"be seen by many"
i want to tell you a very special something
about that day…

I did that grand act out of a commitment
to Self-Love…
now…by the ways of the world that would seem
to be a dichotomy would it not??
How could being nailed to a cross
be an act of Self-Love???

well…my precious
i allowed the process so that i could prove
to my Self that only Love was real…
that no matter what the "world" could seemingly
do to the body

I REMAINED…!!!!!!!!!!!!

and in so doing
i was able to share that truth
with the many who witnessed me
after my "death"….

i bring this message today also out of
a grand act of Self-Love
for as i love my Self
i love the world…
ponder that precious friends…

and continue with that day
i allowed the cultures…the peoples of that time
to become my tools so that i could
carry out my mission that I had decided
for myself was the one way i could prove
that there is no death….there is only
a changing of form….

i was able to stay in a total state of gratitude
even for my persecutors…one of whom
i actually stared into his eyes and saw right
thru his attempts to nail my hands to the cross…
i saw the truth and only the truth of his divine
spark of light and valued on that which was
Real within him…

as i continue to do with all of you

for you see precious friends
to judge any moment is to not take
full responsibility for the truth…
the truth is that each moment you have
called to yourself from your Self……
we call these persecutors to ourselves
so that we can grow in the awareness
of Love…

does this not then speak to the
total innocence of all of the 
players in your dream????

ahhhhhhhh…..take that deep within
and allow it to digest ….for that truth
alone will set you free…..

does that not take away
any beliefs that you could ever
be a "victim"….
yes………..allow that to be so for you…

so…this day i am asking you to celebrate
that Divine Spark that is within each and every one 
of you…
all of you have nailed yourself to the cross
over and over again…
every time you take on guilt…shame…judgment
you shrink yourself…
but oh when you Love….when you can see past all 
appearances and simply Love…
when you can take each step on this your
beloved in a total state of gratitude
for what is
you enter the place…the "space" where
I AM….

Celebrate your Divinity this Easter…
this is Your Day….you are your own
Celebrate that you abide in the arms of love
within each and every arising
and extend that love into all situations…

I have often said to many
that Love waits on your welcome…
my example of my brother who was nailing me to
the cross is a perfect mirror to you of this truth…
for as I loved this one no matter what i thought
i saw
his soul was touched in such a way
as he gazed into my eyes that he knew
that he was not fooling me..he knew
that i saw the truth of him
and this one went on to be a grand master
that many of you know by name today…

My fathers love thru me touched him in
such a way that he was never the same…

This is the Easter Message that i would
ask of you to carry within your heart this day..
Learn ever more deeply what it is to simply love
without conditions…without thought..


then……….what you would call
being on the cross
becomes a grand opportunity
to extend love…!!!!!!!!!!!

ahhhhhhhhhhh…yes..this is so..

with that….i bid you adieu
and i welcome you as always
to invite me in and walk as one together

The voice for Love….

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