14 April 2011  

 I often refer to the 'physical' as my E.L.F. ( Elemental Form ) that houses the of my Eternal Being. This 'Elf Within' is certainly the mischief maker at times, and is much like a child in temperament, responding to/playing, splashing about in my thought streams with the carefree charisma of the very young innocent…

Knowing only what is taught to her through habitual thought, she builds the clay castles of dreams, aspirations, feelings radiating into form. On a health level she constructs the 'mundane mud' that molds the solidified of me from these archetypical patterns that true Self allows around – the surround *personal vibe* that "sings me into being." We all have that sound composition playing, and it varies day to day, with mood, thought/feeling.

E.L.F. is a creative construct of bone ( minerals ) and blood (water) with a dust of fine silken cellular ceramic of skin. The liquid of her ocean drops/rain dews make the most of the E.L.F. Self that is the physicality form – blood is said to make up 7% of the weight in humans, and the blood is a main tributary of lifestream that collectively derives from the larger water mass that composes us. Depending on the authority doing the quote, there is anywhere from 60-75% water within us.

Molecules that form body muscle tissue, and vital organ systems, the DNA proteins, minerals that support the skeletal structure, gases from the atmosphere all gather to texture an individual organic bodyweb, both solidified energy and freeform flow energy.( Science tells us we are earthed sourced elements of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus. )

These ingredients mix and make us; the E.L.F. has major component parts~ systems that operate consciously, separate from, but in unity with, the greater community of the WHOLE. Each "system" of cells hold memory of vitality/emotional balance and physical integrity, as well as any discordant energy frequency of trauma or injury.

It is important to communicate with these separate states of system: cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, musculosketetal, urinary, lymphatic/hematic, reproductive, integumentary (skin), nervous system, and senses – like a group of neighborhood collaboratives, they ( our systems of physical consciousness cells) need to know they are appreciated for what they do to keep the vehicle or house of the Spirit maintained. Mindfully acknowledge them individually, especially if there seems 'dis-ease' with the system or imbalance – tell the 'intelligence' of the E.L.F. what your concerns are, as well as the working solution you will implement to help heal.

Be aware of what environment/school of thought and playground E.L.F.finds to learn in/exercise in/leisure in – for the teachings will become integrated into the WHOLE of the Self, manifesting "who" you are structured as, and what Life Theater performance will play out daily through habit/actions/reactions. Most of all, LOVE your E.L.F.! Respect and honor and call the wonder of you out to play often.

LaNelle Gael