God said:

to Me of love. to Me of how love is growing within you, how your love is sprouting and taking over your life. Your life is no longer your own. Your life is for all. Your love is for all.

Specified love is less in your life. It does not have the all-consuming importance it once had. You know by now that it is for you to love. Love toward you is no longer your pursuit. No longer is received love the End All and Be All. No longer do you collect love and count it and total up numbers and value. The faucet of your is opening. You are turning on love full-force. What is there to count now?

“All who are thirsty,” says your heart, “come here, and drink. The love in my heart flows to you. It is for you who are thirsty. Take a cup of my love, and drink. Have refills. Why not? And then go ahead and share the dew of my heart that I have shared with you.

“Even if I am not in your presence, my love flows to you. My love passes through even stone. My love passes through miles and mountains. There is no stopper to my love. I give it freely. I can do nothing else.

“At every turn, I am love, and you can find my love on every branch of every tree. You can find my love wherever you look. You may not see me, yet you receive my love.

“Let love from me blindside you. Let you be stricken with my love and feel love forevermore.

“There is nothing that my love cannot do. Be flooded with my love. I have love in my heart so that I may give it to you to drink.

“Whoever you are, my love is designated for you. Love my love, and make it your own.”

And so your heart speaks. And so your heart sounds like Mine. Could I not have said the same words as I put into your mouth above? If I can give you My heart, surely I can give you My words. Take them. Make them yours. Become an endless supply of love. Others may need to receive your love. You are to give it. You have graduated from .

No longer is the of your life, “me me me.” Your next melody is “you you you.” The next you will pick up is: “We, We, We.” And We become One, and We, you and I, become interchangeable, and We are One and the Same.

As you give love in any quarter, you are filling yourself up with love only to give out more. You are the designated driver of love. You will take everyone with you. You are drunk with love, and yet it is safe for you to drive love home.

I, God, do not want to be the only One Who loves everyone and everything. And, so, I call on you to partner with Me hand in hand, We skip along and bestow love everywhere. We don’t even have to think about it. There is a mist of love around Us, and this mist of love is received. It goes far. It goes further than the eye can see. It goes further than touch, and yet Our love touches. Even a whisper of love is heard. There is telepathy of love, and it is everywhere.

You were never meant to love less than I. You were ever meant to love as I love. Come closer to Me, and you will be closer to giving all of My love out to all who are thirsty and want to drink. Fill up. Deliver.

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