God said:

You speak of lack. Lack has become a habit, a way of seeing. In looking at life, you tend to see a picture of lack when you could see a picture of plenty. You have been looking from one angle at one angle.

A fish in a fish sees his entire world. He is wrapped up in it, and he sees as far as he can see. There is an ocean, and yet hard glass, invisible as it is, keeps him bound to his little . And so is the world you have carved out. A fish is limited to the he is in. He is dependent upon others to fend for him. Of course, a fish in a is relegated to a . He does not have the motility you do.

You are not relegated. You who came from the sea can prosper on land or sea. To a fish, you would be a . You are the sprinkler of in his bowl. You are a hand that tenders his world.

Yet a fish is content in life. He is content being a fish even in a little bowl in your kitchen.

You tend not to be content in life. You are not content being simply and only a human being. Of course not. You are in the skin of a human being, and yet you gaze and graze far beyond. A fish cannot last long out of the water. You have been, so it seems, out of the water since your bodily birth. You were born of the water of , and now you make your way on dry land. Dry land is not an ocean, and yet dry land has much to offer.

It is not a pity to be on the dry land of . Even on dry land, flowers bloom. Even in a desert, flowers bloom. holds great beauty. Would that you would look at the beauty more than you look at that which you object to and that confirms your positioning of lack.

You have a that keeps you connected to the True Land of your Birth, and a mind that connects you to the temporary land where you presently roam. You pass yourself from one land to another, and yet your origin is Heaven. Your temporary abode is on Earth. A fish can be taken out of the water of his birth, yet you can never be removed from Heaven. You can think so. You have thought so. You have been sure so. And yet you are fast on the Isle of your origin while you flounder on Earth. You traded in your thoughts of Heaven for thoughts of lack on Earth.

Today, collect your bearings. There is a sailboat in your heart that will remind you of when you sailed the Seven Seas of Heaven. Your heart is the ship that takes you across the borders of the world. You are sailing through this imagined Universe now. The Earth is precious to you. You are on a precious journey. Look through the looking-glass of your heart and see the Heaven you carry with you. The Kingdom you seek has been within you forever. This hardly occurs to your mind. Your mind doesn’t know how to fit this concept in. Your mind tries. Your mind is known to be errant. Yet your heart which you see as lacking is connected with golden threads of love to the Source of Love. The filaments of Our love are stronger than the strongest iron of Earth. The bars of Earth you have only imagined, you understand. You can break through the illusions that are, after all, only your thoughts. Only your thoughts tie you to Earth.

The physical reality you see and touch is made of your thoughts. How powerful are your thoughts. Divert your thoughts, and what do you see?

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