God said:

Automatic. Love is automatic. Only you have stepped in and tried to boss love around. You want love to appear on signal. You want to dress it up. You want to whip it into shape.

The word love may be too much for you to handle. Then use the word care. Can you admit that you are a caring ? Can you tell Me that you do not care? You care a lot. Your caring may be skewed, but that you are someone who cares cannot be in dispute. You care deeply even for all that which you say you do not care about.

Perhaps as a child, you did not care about school. Or did you? Even in boredom and antipathy, you cared. You may have cared so much that you turned off your caring.

Later in romance, you cared so much that, when the one you cared about did not return your caring, your caring turned around into not caring.

Will you on the lights of your love once again, and just love, and love some more, and, now, in your and in your mind, greet all those you had turned your from. Allow yourself to care.

Care about yourself as well.

Some would call this caring the same as forgiving. Even erase forgiving, and just admit you care. If you had not cared, you would not have hardened your heart. A hardened heart is a heart that spoke. The heart said: “I will NOT care. I will cast this person or this event or series of events from my heart. I will evict whatever hurts from my . Period. I will not let someone or something within. I turn them out. I put up a sign in big red letters: ‘No admittance.’ I put up another sign: ‘ out.’&;

And so you let discordance in. You close your heart and say: “Hardeners, welcome.” “Firmness, welcome.” “Fierceness, welcome.” “Ice, welcome.” “Grit, welcome.” “Sandpaper, welcome.” “Abrasion, welcome.” And, so, your heart becomes rusted.

Remove the rust by admitting that you do not have a heart of iron. You have a heart of gold. Now melt the gold of your heart so that it can once again flow through every corner of the world.

Your love can be silent. You can carry on love in silence. And yet your love will be heard. You will hear it. You will hear the rush and flow of love, and you will be inundated with it and the love in your heart will open its reserve, and the world will once again be the land of milk and honey. Flow gently, heart of love.

Your heart is meant to change the world. By the love flowing in your heart, the world will change. All your demands and insistence that the world reform are counter-productive. All your instructions are naught. All your knowing better how the world should turn is naught. All your superiority is naught. Love alone prevails.

Start with love. Start love up. Even if your heart has been like an antique car in the garage, turn that crank. Rev up that car. Zoom with it. Restore this garaged heart of yours and let it take off. Let it get going again. Turn on the ignition. Turn on the lights of your heart. Back out of the driveway, and then shift gears. Even an unused boarded-up heart can shift gears.

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