God said:

Do not think that I make little of what you may be going through. At the same time, what you are going through is only something you are going through. You make yourself go through the paces. You say what you are going through is suffering, and so you suffer. You feel of one kind or another. There was something you had or should have had and have not. Who is it that says you have ? Who is it that identifies trouble? Who pouts and shouts, beloveds?
Calm the storm within you. Whatever the world says or does or seems to, you are your own sovereign being. You are not at the beck and call of whatever life gives or does not give. Have you been stamping your foot at life? Have you been sucking your thumb?

You are an advantaged being. You must start thinking of yourself as an advantaged being. If you think of yourself as an underprivileged being, what are you then but underprivileged? In terms of relative life, you are what you tell yourself you are.
I tell you that you are loved beyond measure, and you say, “But, but, but…&; There are no buts about it. Come now, you are My beautiful child, and yet you may try to prove that you are not valued by the world or, in fact, by Me. When you feel short-changed, who short-changed you? You did. It is better that you sit up and start thinking a different way.
It has been said that the world does not owe you a living. It is you who owes the world, beloveds. You are here to give something. At least give credence to yourself.
I have heard people say, “What has God ever done for me?” Can you believe that?
There are those who think of Me as Santa Claus. “What did Santa leave me in my stocking? Why, coal, dry ashes, or nothing at all. That&;s what I got.”
What is it exactly that I was supposed to give you?
No more feeling sorry for yourself. It is a sorry thing for you to feel sorry for yourself.
How many times has it been said: “Count your blessings.” You are not bereft. You are blessed.
Negative thinking pulls you down. It is truthful to say that you are blessed. Even in what you see as catastrophe, you are blessed.
Attend to your attitude.
You may sit with your feet up and wait for Me to deliver gifts to you. Get up and out of your and give to others that which you crave for yourself. Be God in the world for a while, and give delight. Why are you waiting for Me to give you ? Go give some , and you will be happier.
If you think you have been singled out for grief, it is you who handed it out. You linked cause and effect. You were too simplistic. Because you lost a loved one, for example, you may have decided that meant that I didn’t love you. You decided you were aggrieved. Better to decide something else.
You are the maker of your own life. No longer just sit there, commiserating with yourself.
If you tell yourself you are miserable, it’s quite certain that you will be miserable. What you think follows you. What you think you convince yourself of.
If you tell yourself that I, God, have neglected you, you are at a standstill.
Begin thinking anew. No more buts. Acknowledge the blessings that are yours, and more blessings will rush in. When you are unappreciative of your good fortune, good fortune may become timid. Look for good fortune, but not as a that is owed you. Spare yourself from being a collector.
Get up and out of the corner you have been sitting in. Arise.

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