God said:

in the relative world are questions, so many questions. And are the answers, so many answers. The relative world seems to be like a run-on sentence, like a train that doesn’t stop, like an overflowing river, like an unending horizon, like a tempest in a teapot. Questions speak fast. They mow down in their path.

The questions you really like are those that you don’t know the answers to. You like those the most. You like puzzles to solve. Puzzles solved are not quite so endearing as puzzles yet to be solved.

Edison had most fun plugging away. When he finally succeeded in making a light bulb light up, some of his exhilaration went flat, dimmed, We could say.

In a deeper reality, there are no questions, and there are no answers. That’s when, in your full awareness, you become One with Me and One with All.

So now I issue you an invitation. My invitation sounds like questions, but are they questions?

Here goes:

Will you take My hand and become One with Me and One with All That Is? Will you accept the Oneness of Love and run away with Me? Will you become One with Me in the fullness of the sun and the moon? Will you race across the galaxies with Me? Will you stay in with Me, seated in My ? Will you open up your eyes and see Me before you? Will you wake up to Me? Will you journey with Me to where We already are? Will you? Will you say Yes to Me?

How about it?

Can you withstand My heartfelt invitation to you? Can you say no to Me Who is your very Self?

I offer you the of love. Would you pass it up? Would you? Would you say, “No, thank you. Thanks anyway. Thanks but no thanks.”

Would you say, “Uh-uh, God.” Would you say, “Um, maybe later, God. Some other time when I’m not so busy.”

Will you wait to say Yes to Me until a time when you feel troubled?

Come to Me anytime. Come when you are smiling, and come when you weep. Anytime is a good time to come to Me. Do you believe Me?

Can you believe there ever was a time that I was not central in your life? Do you really believe that you were ever without Me? Do you believe really that there ever was a time when you and I were not joined? Of course, we are joined. We share One Heart of Love.

There is no wilderness. Do you understand Me? There is no wilderness. There is no dark forest. There is only the light of the sun and the light of Our One Heart blazoning across the Universe and beyond. We are existence itself. Nothing exists really but Our Love. Our love transcends the Universe. Our love transcends everything that is known. Nothing transcends love. In the world, many things criss-cross over love, so it seems. Just as there is fabric that is white on white, there is love on love, a heaping mountain of love, a heaping world of love. Even in denseness, there is love agile and tall.

And so I ask you to come away with Me. Coming away with Me is coming to. It is waking up. It is a journey that you have always been on. It is the . It is the of Infinity which has no and certainly no end.

Come. Come away with Me.

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