God said:

The perfection you seek is not perfectly dotted i’s and crossed t’s. The perfection you seek is within you. The buck stops with you, beloveds. Where is your acceptance? Where are you hiding or placing your appreciation of the world?

This is not easy to see, yet the world unfolds perfectly. The world has brought you to the place of awareness that you are at now. That is a perfect reckoning. All that transpires is a stepping-stone. Even every stumble is a stepping-stone.

No longer are you to make judgments. No longer are you to deplore the world or anyone. This is not being without standards or having loose standards. Have standards for yourself.

If My view imposes on your view, it imposes love. Reflect love and eschew judgment. All the conclusions you draw are judgments. You are meant to be a lover, not a . Tear off those black robes of thought. They hold the world back and are not in your best interest.

Instead of telling the world to smarten up, smarten up yourself. Even what is not understood can be accepted. Look for the blessings, beloveds, for you are blessed.

The world would tell you otherwise. Accept the world as it is, and yet think for yourself. There is not a stalemate between you and the world. There is a bridge. Build bridges. Like horizons, you will walk across them. A bridge takes you somewhere. Where do you want to go?

You are the bridge you cross. Be that bridge between and . Your is the bridge. It is as if you lay yourself down. You stretch yourself so your toes hold to and your fingers touch . Others will walk across the bridge your consciousness makes. Others have been bridges for you, and now you are a bridge for others.

You do not make yourself a bridge of explanations. You are a bridge that says little. You are a great bridge, however. You help many across the span. As a child, you were a bridge. You are a bridge from love to love. You are a rainbow, and you arc over the Universe. You provide the stepping stones. You give great service.

You beckon. You beckon with your heart. Your heart is not for nothing. Your heart is for something. You are the outreach of the Universe. You are My arms that embrace. You balance the Universe. The world harkens to you.

You are the bridge, and your thoughts are the bridge. You can take the world anywhere. You might as well take the world to what is named Heaven. It is where I am, and you and all the rest have been invited to join Me here. You are the path. You point the way, or you point elsewhere.

It is for you to lead the world. You are the beckoner. To be the bridge you are meant to be, you have to have reached Heaven so that you can show the way.

There is nothing you do for yourself alone. It is an impossibility to do anything for yourself alone. You pull up, or you pull down. Wherever you go, the world goes with you. Have you thought you were unimportant? You are essential. Be the pioneer. Be the pacesetter.

Let My Voice be heard. It can be heard without drums. My Voice permeates. It can reach everywhere.

Consider yourself a transmitter. Attention doesn’t go to the transmitter. Attention rightfully goes to the message. Send My messages. Certainly, don’t send your peeves. You are like a wireless connection on Earth.

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