God said:

Practice . Have on your mind. It is not that you have to get right. is already right. It is right to . is germane to life. to beat the band. is coming to you around every corner. will pop out at you.

The trees speak of love. The air you breathe speaks of love. And there is the sky above, and the unseen above the sky, and all the stars and the night and the . Stop your busyness a , and you will hear love’s cry. In the stillness of a pause, love will alight on you. Love belongs to you. It belongs to you to give away love.

You are not a of love, you understand. You are a catcher of love, and you are the batter, too, who bats it over the fence and out of the field. Love can take its time. There is no timing love. There is just love, and you are the recipient of it and the giver of it all at once.

Give your love away. Do not be embarrassed. There is no reason to hold onto love as though it were the last rose of summer. Let love be a dandelion puff that you blow to the winds. Love will seed itself, and love will grow because of you. There is no end to love, and there is no end to the love in you.

Love is evident, yet you may not see it. A robin sings outside your window. You may not hear the robin sing, yet, without your hearing, the robin of love sings its . There is no last . The notes of love are passed from tree to tree, from robin to robin. There is a clarion call of love. Loud or silent, love speaks, love sings, and it sings for you. Love is calling you or thanking you. Love is right outside your window. Open the windows of your and let love in. Leave the windows open. There is no telling when love will rush to you. Open your eyes as well.

Upon whatever object or person your eyes fall, love it. Know you love it. Love the first rose of summer, and love the last rose of summer. Love the first snow, and love the last snow. Love is always beginning and twirling and encircling you. Your love spreads its myriad seeds everywhere, far and wide. There is no telling how far your love will reach. Actually, there is knowing. Your love will reach the furthest stars. Your love will boomerang. Your love will boomerang everywhere, and you will be catching love right and left. Keep your heart, your eyes, and your arms wide open.

Today is the day for love.

Today is the day for you to love, to just love, to love without objecting to love, love without an object, simply the process of letting loose love from your heart, apple blossoms from your heart, falling, falling everywhere, landing everywhere, lifting other hearts who may have closed for a moment. You are an awakener of hearts. Awaken away.

Like streetlights, let your love light go on. Don’t wait for the dark. Wait for nothing. Midnight or midday, let your light go on and stay on and your light never blinks for even one moment. Love is meant to stay on and never run out, only to multiply and become more light shining so that the light of love is brighter than the moon and brighter than the sun and brighter than anything else.

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