God said:

Love is not a production. Love is the background. It is the setting of the drama or comedy. Love is omnipresent. Love is not what you think. Love is more than you think. You cannot isolate love any more than you can isolate Me.
Love needs no insulation. Have you attempted to insulate yourself from love? Love is not like driving a car fast on the freeway. Love police do not exist. You need not look over your shoulder. The only thing following you is love, and love is ahead of you too. You are the love you are speeding to.

Love can drive slowly down a lane. Love can pause yet never stop. Love can speed, and love remains. Let Us praise love. Love betokens Heaven where Oneness is seen, where Oneness is evident, where love relaxes and loves without taxing itself. Heaven announces itself by its glorious love. There are trails of love all over the place, yet love does not trail behind. Love is the engine that could. There is nowhere love cannot go. There is nowhere love is not. There is no mountain that love cannot reach, no ocean that love cannot cross. There are no mountains, there are no oceans. There is only love manifesting itself in all the ways it can think of to catch your attention. Here is love. Right here, love is.
Love mounts itself from your heart, and love soars. Vroom. Watch that love reach high in the sky. Watch that love land and rise again. Look at that love go! What is there that love from your heart cannot do? Love can cut through . Love can surrender, and as love surrenders, it rises.
Make your decision to love. Say to yourself:
“I am a Being of Love. I do not have to turn love on. It is already on. I just have to take care that I do not turn the love in my heart off. Nothing, nothing is to turn my love off. Nothing is to stem the flow of love to and fro my heart, the giving of love from my heart. My love is the fulcrum of the Universe. There cannot be too much love. I am speaking of love, that emanation that encompasses all. Love may fly and love may alight, yet my love is not flighty. My love is for all. Where is there that my love should not be? Let my love, yes, this love in my heart, let it sweep all in its path. May my heart pump love everywhere to everyone. Nonstop love is flowing from my heart now. Fresh love. Renewable love. Sustainable love.
“There is an entourage of love in the world. One loving thought leads to another. One loving act leads to another. There is an onslaught of love in the world, and nothing can stop it. Love’s turn has come. Love is rising from the depths to the surface. High or low, only love is, and now only love will be seen and touted. Love is not an act. It is not an accumulation. Love is a free sprite that I cannot escape. This is love. This is my love. This is God’s love.
“I give up. I am surrounded by love. Love has captured me. And now my heart is free to give love everywhere. My love is a stowaway. My love is behind every door that opens. Now I am ready to just let love be. I am love, and I will be love, and that’s all I will be. I am that. I am love.”

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