God said:

I would like to write a tribute to you. A salute to you. You have stayed on through thick and thin. You accepted your assignment, and then you came, and then you stayed. You have given your -given tribute to Me.

You are well aware of your struggles, and yet you know I have none. I see and know that all is well. You do not yet have My vision, and so you struggle. For Me, is easy, for is love. There is not one acorn in the world that I do not love. There is not one soul that I do not love. I love, and I see. Because I love doesn’t mean I don’t see. I draw different conclusions from the conclusions you draw. I draw different conclusions because I know your destiny. I have added all the numbers, and I have come up with a total. Your destiny is to return to Me in all your brightest colors. Undaunted, you will return to Me. There is no one who does not return to Me. What can there possibly be for Me to worry about? I do not worry about you. Of course, I don’t. I know with every breath that all is well. I know infallibly that no harm can come to you. I know what you feel, and I know your pain. I do not make light of it at the same time as I know that there is Eternity and that what you may go through does not impress itself onto Eternity. It doesn’t even leave a mark. There are no scars. You travel with Me.

By return to Me, I mean that you know full-blast that you are in My embrace. You know in Whose heart you lie. You know the . We are so close, and you have all of Me. You know you have all of Me. You know that Our hearts are enjoined. Thump thump, go Our hearts, one indistinguishable from the other. You are My , and I am yours.

You are My dream. My dreams are not illusions. My dreams are Truth, as I am Truth. The fact is that nothing befalls. Only angels are real, and the ringing of bells is true. You are true. What befalls is nothing at all, even as everything that befalls seems huge to you. You cannot fall. You cannot fail, for you are My dream, and My dreams come true, and My dreams are good. My dreams are not fantasies. My dreams are the only True.

How is it that, to your mind, you flub up? How is it that, to your mind, you are one error after another? It really is time to change your opinion of yourself. Humility does not mean self-devaluation. How could it? Know your value to Me, and you will be humble. You will be humble for the privilege of giving Me what I ask for. You serve famously, beloveds. If you think you don’t, you are mistaken. So, yes, in that sense, you are full of errors that come down to only one, a non-recognition of Whose you are. Too often you are not your own . We are going to change that now.

Imagine a dram of the joy I take in you. A dram will be enough to revamp your whole picture of yourself. A dram will be enough to make the sun rise in your heart. A dram of My love and trust in you will be enough to cover the world with joy and only joy and bring in a new dawn in every heart on Earth. What do you think life on Earth will be like then when you recognize a dram of what you mean to Me and, so, to the world?

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