God said:

There are no empty hearts. There are, however, buried ones, hearts covered up, tamped down, reserved stolid hearts, stoic hearts, and thrashing hearts, embarrassed hearts, crying hearts, protesting hearts, dried-up hearts, hearts burnt, hearts cold, hearts forgotten. Remember your , and play with it. Instead of reading the paper, read your .

You have kept your heart on a short leash. Let your heart out of the vise you may have kept it in. Free your heart to be a heart of joy. What would prevent you from letting your heart discover itself but fear? For such a shallow thing as fear, you bind your heart. Instead of letting your heart follow its course, for the sake of presumed safety, you have restrained your heart. Let your heart go. Restrain your fears instead.

How can it be that My children would restrict their hearts and let their fears run rampant? You have had it backwards. Chop off the heads of your fears, and let your hearts blossom, rain or shine. Chaining your heart is like taking a flower that is ready to bloom and stamping on it, torturing the bloom as it were.

If you have closed your heart to whatever degree, your heart is tortured. You have tortured your heart. Not your upbringing, not your employer, not your teachers, not a hundred blows dealt to you have tortured your heart. It is you who has held your heart captive.

You may say there is nothing else for you to do but constrain your heart. You may say you would be a fool to not constrain your heart. So says your mind.

You know, it is necessary to get your heart out of ’s way, and the ’s way is whatever precautions your mind assigns to your heart. Of course, this is not indulgence that I speak of. Know the difference between whim and heart. Whim is what you might feel like. What your heart wants to do is to love. How simple is the when you will stop driving it or braking it. Your mind, in its desire to look out for you, tries to make your heart fit the your mind has made for it. Your mind may have made your heart crib-sized when everyone knows that the of your heart is to encompass the whole world and beyond.

Your heart wants to embody itself everywhere. Who are you to let your mind tell your heart to cease and desist? Give your mind some math problems to solve instead. Your heart is not to be overcome. Your mind’s holding your heart back is to be overcome. Your mind looks for profit. Your heart looks to give.

Let your heart return to babyhood. When a smile arose, a smile arose. The baby had not yet learned rules. The baby’s smiles had not yet been imposed upon.

I think I shall give you some rules about living life. The first rule is to love. And the second and third and all the rest of the rules unto Infinity are the same. Love. There is a lot to love, and now, if you please, start loving. Love within your heart. Love even what you do not like. Love anyway. The people who drive you crazy, love them. Love them and see what happens. Love from your heart. Love does not have to be in words. Love does not have to be a formality. Love just has to be.

Let however much love you have in your heart, yearning to break loose, go free. Love on the quiet. Do not blab about it. Just love, and love more. There is no end to love.

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