God said:

What are you shying away from? I will answer for you. You are shying away from love, My love. You want it, and you shy away from it.

My love shakes your very foundation. I would like that you would believe that you deserve My love, that you deserve it from the of your birth and through the Eternalness of your life.

What if you had never known anything but My love, how would you be feeling now? How would you walk and talk, Kings and Queens of the Universe?

How would you savor life then? What would you make of your life then?

And so may it be now. Now is of the , and you are of the of now.

Have no resistance to My love. You have said you want love more than anything. Then, take My love. Hold it deep in your . Dare to love Me, and dare to accept My love, for it is yours. You have been balking at love. You never thought you would, yet that&;s what you have been doing.

Hold up your arms and put them around My neck. I speak figuratively, of course. Embrace Me. Hold on to Me. You are exactly where you are meant to be.

What about the anxiety you are wracked with? Look at it this way:

There is a mosquito buzzing around. A mosquito is not calamity. It is only a mosquito. Beloveds, you have God on one hand, and mosquito on the other. You tend to mix up together. It may even feel to you that weighs the same. You may even think that a mosquito, so to speak, weighs as much as God, or even more.

How much do you think My role in your life weighs? Who has been taking care of you right along? You don’t think you were going along, all alone without Me, do you? Some like to think that way, or like to hold Me accountable for everything. Some like to credit themselves with running their lives.

All the matters that assail you, what are they worth? They are not worth all your attention. They are worth none of it.

Trees bud in spring. In fall, leaves fall. Blossoms fall in summer. In winter, trees are covered with snow. These are seasons. There are seasons in your life as well, only your seasons are short. You may have all the seasons in the same day or twice a day. Seasons are short, and you have work in the world to do for Me.

I am the Doer, yet you are to do My work for Me. I am not lazy. I am not handicapped. From the silence of My heart and thought, the world erupts, and My willing children help the world along.

You are My waiters and waitresses in God’s Restaurant. Serve, eat your fill, and serve again.

Let not mosquitoes rule your happiness. Which do you choose? Mosquito or God? At this moment, which do you choose? Choose once and for all.

Say to yourself:

“God clears the way for me. He is clearing the way for me now. He pulls me in His sleigh of love. His love requires nothing of me but my awareness of it. It is always here, God’s love, surrounding me. I am so busy dealing with mosquitoes that sometimes I forget God’s hand on my shoulder.

“From now on, my first thought is God. From now on, my last thought is God. And all the thoughts in between are also God-centered.

“God is the Center of my life. Mosquitoes are not. A thousand mosquitoes are not.

“Now I consider mosquitoes like the paper napkins that accompany a meal. I wipe my hands on them and throw the napkins away. I don’t keep paper napkins. I do not analyze and diagnose them. There is need for me to get up from the table of difficulties and get going.

“Now I zoom to love. That’s it. I zoom to God’s love, and I spread it. I lay down a blanket of God’s love. I am getting ready for a picnic of God’s love. And all who want to join, come sit down with God.”

Remember God, and pass by all else. All else, you pass by. You keep nothing but My love, and you can never lose it. You can throw My love away, and still it won’t leave. My love stays with you. My love never strays. My love for you is right where it belongs.

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