God said:

Think of the of . It is amazing. Yes, I brag, I boast. Look! Just look! Look at one flower. Look at one of your hands, one finger, one palm. Look at your lips that utter speech. Look at language. Look at the wind blowing the leaves of the tree. Look at the amazing kaleidoscope of the world I gave you to twirl.

I did not so much create as I desired. I did not manufacture. I placed an order. I didn't even give the design. I gave My dream of the design. I said what I wanted, and then, behold, Creation created itself. It could be said that I requested a marvelous rooming house, a place where there would be room for everyone. And guess what else? That creation would have moving parts and be ever anew! in Creation would change. in Creation would grow. in Creation would be mobile. would fluctuate. in Creation would leap!

And yet, underlying the hop, skip, and jumps would be stillness of the first order. Incredible stillness, unmoving, unchanging, a perfect non-shifting platform where all the dancing could take place. What a commotion on top of what is no motion at all.

Can you imagine sound? Who could have thought of it! And eyes and all that to see with them. Colors. Who thought of touch and endless textures? Where did taste begin? Who thought of tongues? And who created the varieties of scents and noses to procure and differentiate the varieties?

Who thought of a brain and a ! What a commanding presence was Mine – is Mine – and how the record spins continuously. And then, due to My vision and My desire, you appeared. Wow, I am good! All I had to do was to have the , and My manifested. Creation appeared with a drum roll. It was so exciting what I had wrought.

Can it be true that sometimes you are bored and find nothing to do, to look at, to occupy yourself with? In that case, sit with your eyes closed and contemplate the world I made for you and all that I placed in it for you to enjoy. Contemplate a glorious God Who admires the handiwork that got set in motion.

And then there are the other players. Of course, the sun, moon, and stars are players. And there are many unseen players and settings and props.

Most of all, there is you. You are like My accompaniment. You go along with Me. The stage I set for you intrigues Me. I watch a play. You come on stage. I watch you. I read a book I can't put down. The book is ongoing. There is always a new chapter or a new bridge. There is always something new, and there are births of babies. I arranged for everything. There are mothers and fathers. Who else but I could have called mothers and fathers into Being? What an I am. What a Being are you.

I continually gaze at what I have made when I made you and the , you for the , and the for you. Such entwinement. What a knitter I am. What a craftsman. Even though I didn't knit or craft, I will take credit. A force from My heart created you and everything. That's how I am the Original Source. A sound came out of My mouth. I took a breath, and there was the whole canopy laid out with all its stillness and all its moving parts. I have never stopped admiring all that came into Being nor have I paused in the breathtaking one act of Creation that has filled My heart. From the woven threads of My love, I soul-crafted you.

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