God said:

You are meant to be a resilient being. You are not meant to be the little pig’s straw that the big bad wolf blows down. Nor are you meant to be the brick that is immovable.

Once I said that you are to be the willow tree that bends and never breaks and comes back to its original position. No matter what assails you, you come back.

Now I think that when pin pricks from the world seem to assail you and hurt you, you are not to be fazed at all. There is no reason to be affected by them. If you receive a disappointing email, you have to answer it, or you don’t. If a bill comes in, a mistake or not, either way, why would it turn your day upside down, or even a minute of your day? You don’t have to be so sensitive. You really don’t. What you perceive as an assault takes out too much from you. You let it wound you when it is really not worth the time of day.

Be a for a little while. It makes no difference to a what it types or what it ’t type. A doesn’t take anything personally. Be compassionate toward others. Be compassionate towards errors, and be not wounded by insignificant things.

Why should a disappointing email, for example, crush you for even a ? Why should one of My children go into a tizzy even for one ? Why, when you have Me, and why, when you have your own Being, should any paltry thing from the outside dent you? Why should it put a dent in you at all? You will get over it. You always do. So why let it invade you in the first place? Get over it before you are dismayed.

Sure, it is good to be vulnerable. But to the pin pricks of the daily world, I ask you to be invulnerable. You do not have to be so much one with your environment and what occurs. There is you who radiates to the whole Universe. Your environment and what occurs are not to dominate you. Let your aura affect the environment and not the other way around.

When I say environment, I am meaning whatever is in your surroundings.

If someone is in a bad mood, you don’t have to be. Let someone else’s bad mood bounce off you. In the same vein, annoying emails are not to affect your aura. Do you understand me?

You seem to enter into these little penny-ante games with whatever enters your environment. No more penny-ante games. Everything in the world or in your world is not to take you over, not even for an instant. When you flinch, you waste your time and . Time and are to be used, not wasted. Time and are requested for other matters.

Yes, be a duck, and let water roll off your back.

Be like a computer who gets work done to the best of its ability and doesn’t have build up. If the user gives the computer nonsense, the computer takes that in its stride.

As for you, beloveds, take care of that which you have to take care of, and then go merrily on your way. Put hurt and aggravation and fatigue behind you. What do you need them for? What possible good are they for you?

Now, get these aggravations and annoyances behind you, for you are to be as fresh as a daisy and the new-day sun.

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